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Toronto Wedding Photographer Reviews

Nowadays, professional photographers who are offering their services in the market are larger in number compared to wedding photographers twenty years ago. This makes the competition steep that in order to become competitive in the industry, photographers started to depend on and utilize the most convenient and effective marketing strategy today – that is online marketing. Since we’re now living in the digital age, where there’s endless information available in just one click of a button, having a strong online presence has become important for entrepreneurs in the wedding industry for them to reach and establish a large customer base.

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toronto wedding photographer reviews

Why client reviews are important for a wedding photographer?

The most reliable and popular information source of potential clients, who are looking for services they want to avail is online reviews. This is exceptionally helpful to people in determining the quality of service that the past and current client of a wedding photographer have experienced. These give potential clients an idea of what to expect in terms of services, professionalism, experience and quality of the work provided. By reading the past client’s experiences, a potential client can determine whether hiring a wedding photographer is the right choice or not.

For some people, the information that can be found on mediocre wedding photographers’ website are just part of their marketing strategies, yet when you looked at the website of most professional photographers that have been in the industry for several years, you will understand that what these experts aim for is to provide interested clients to have quality experience in wedding photography that is priceless.

The quality of service that most professional wedding photographers are reflected on the number of client testimonials that people share to encourage people to avail the same quality service they have experienced. The reviews provided by past and repeat clients are a great way to determine if hiring a wedding photographer definitely worth it or not.

Not only those online reviews are great in helping you choose the right photographer for your wedding but, it also do wonders for the photography business and in promoting a good brand recognition. Remember when I said that online presence is important for a wedding photographer to be competitive in the dynamic market? Well, having a strong online presence can increase their chance to reach a bigger group of potential customers. Good reviews from their previous and present clients can provide them larger online presence. These reviews need to come from the multiple platforms, this includes website such as WeddingWire and The Wedding Opera.

In addition to having their reviews on the different platforms, having unique reviews are important to show authenticity and credibility. Fake reviews could affect the reputation of a wedding photographer. As much as possible, the feedback of the clients should be genuine.

toronto wedding photographer reviews

How to obtain reviews from previous and present clients?

For a wedding photographer, asking for a review from his previous and present client is the best way to maintain the existing client relationship. At the same time, it helps in building a new business relationship with potential new clients.

One of the best ways to ask past clients for a review is to send an email asking them politely to write a review. Previous clients that were satisfied with the wedding photographer’s service will provide a good review describing how it was like to work with the photographer and what one can expect from hiring them. This makes things easy if the email includes the direct link to the business’ pages.

Another way to get reviews from the past client is by sending airmails. Although this may require a monetary investment on the photographer’s side, receiving a good review that can reach potential clients are better than doing nothing.

And the most compelling kind of review that can prove the credibility and the quality of service of a wedding photographer can provide is a video review. Instead of typing down the testimonials of the clients about their experience working with the wedding photographer, they say it through the video. This is done in a manner where the clients are being interviewed about the services they had availed and what they have experienced.

Why Should You Hire A Wedding Photographer That Has Reviews?

To search for what client says

Every business has their ups and downs, a client’s testimonial is the best way to observe what their clients say about them.

To seek how they respond to a complaint

As praises are important for a wedding photographer, so does the complaints. An important issue is how a wedding photographer respond to any public complaints. A great company always response to their complaints and show the utmost respect to their customer’s need.

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toronto wedding photographer review

These are some of the reasons why wedding photographer reviews the matter. The reviews that are given to wedding photographers help them be in the business no matter how competitive and strict the competition is. Note that aside from the business benefits that wedding photographers can receive from reviews or testimonial, giving a review:

  • Is the best way to give your thanks to a job done well. If you are satisfied and happy with the results, a review can be a way to show your gratitude with your photographer. Bear in mind that your review can go a long way for the photographer’s business.


  • Is the good way to let your photographer know you are not satisfied with the service. Just like giving a positive review, expressing your dissatisfaction is your right and can also have an effect on your photographer’s business. It is also the great way to let other couples make a decision to which they should hire or not.


  • Is the great source reliable information. The real testimonials of clients in regards to the services provided are the great source of information. No one will write a review without having to experience the services first. Whether it is a good or bad review, it only shows that the person or people writing the review already tried the services and are happy (or not) with the result.

Brides and grooms that are searching for the best wedding photographer can always rely on the reviews as it provides unique insight. In addition to this, one can contact former clients and ask for more detailed information that can help especially if the couple is considering hiring a particular wedding photographer.

If you think that reviews are just a promotional marketing strategy of wedding vendors, then think again. Good wedding photographers do worry about the reviews that will be given to them because it has a big impact to their business. Thus, in order to get good reviews they make sure that good service and customer satisfaction is given to their clients.

But if there are instances you meet wedding photographers that do not allow their customer to provide feedbacks for their service, this can be considered a big red flag for couples to stop and look for another. Keep in mind that reviews are the magnifying glass to the quality of service that wedding photographers can provide, so using them in your search for a good wedding vendor pays a lot in finding the best wedding photography that you deserve.

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