Toronto Pre-Wedding Photography

Toronto Pre Wedding Photography

Location Scout + Travel

Our artist are fluent with all shooting locations in Toronto, GTA. We understand the best angles and best time to shoot at each location. Permits are client’s responsibility as we will always advice our clients which locations need permits and which location doesn’t. We believe that with our experience and understanding of each location in Toronto, allows us to be better equipped to produce beautiful pre wedding photos

Travel rates are additional for locations outside GTA. Feel free to contact us to chat!

Toronto Pre Wedding Photography by Focus

Gown Rental

Having a durable wedding gown for your shoot is essential. The gown does not always need to fit, but it must be ready for wear and tear. Focus provides top quality wedding gown rental through our partnership with high end wedding boutique Camellia Wedding Gown 

Wedding gowns for pre wedding does not always need to be a perfect fit, as clip ons are used during the shoot to make sure it fits. Wedding gowns and night gowns are available in our package option

Toronto Pre Wedding Photography By Focus

Custom Package with Album

Photo albums are made to compliment amazing photos. Step into our studio to view the exclusive range of luxurious albums made with love and the best quality in the industry. Our thick card board albums comes with crystal glass cover, velvet and many sizes. 

Toronto Pre Wedding Photography By Focus

Mandarin / Cantonese Speaking Photographers

Pre-wedding photography remains an asian wedding tradition. It is no surprise that Focus provides fluent mandarin and cantonese speaking photographers at your request to ease the communication process. Our artist are well verse in the pre-wedding culture and knows what shots are needed. 

Toronto Pre Wedding Photography By Focus

High Resolution Color Corrected Delivery

All our photos are delivered in high quality, non watermarked Jpg format. All final products are color corrected, with a set amount ( depending on package ) of photos are “beautified” for your liking. Raw files are available upon request. 

Toronto Pre Wedding Photography by Focus

Professional Make Up Artist

Save time from finding a make up artist of your own. Instead our packages come with our own make up artist. Meet our make up artist or schedule a make up trial at your earliest convenience so you can go through styles and outlooks for your big day!

Toronto Pre Wedding Photography by Focus

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How to prepare for your pre-wedding photography shoot?

1. Location Permits

Plenty of photography locations in Toronto, GTA requires permits. Especially pre wedding favourite locations such as Casa Loma requires clients to book ahead of time and pay a permit fee. There are also certain locations that does not require a permit such as Niagara Falls.  Prices of permits varies during season and timing. Please do your research before scheduling a time with your photographer.


2. Location Selection

Always select an indoor location as your backup in case of bad weather.  Travelling distance between locations should be as short as possible to maximize shooting time


3.  Starting Time

Your make up should start around 1.5 hours before your shoot, depending on the style and speed of your make up artist.  Remember, the worse time to shoot outdoors on a sunny day is noon. Heavy shadows and squinting eyes are very complicated to be photoshopped out.


4. Wearing flip fops + clips

Flip flops is a must bring on your day of the shoot. Switch to them when you’re not posing for the camera to ease you from having sore feet at the end of the day. Have huge clips on hand just in case the rental gown does not fit you properly.