Engagement Photography

Themes and Ideas

Do you need a theme for your engagement session? Do you need any specific ideas? These are questions you have to ask yourself.  Mainly, do you have the time to plan for this?

Feel free to consult our wedding team for inspiration, in the mean time read up on how to prepare for your engagement photography session

Ever Green Brick Works Engagement Photography

Location Suggestions

How do you pick your location for your engagement session? Our suggestion will be to find a contrast location compared to your wedding day’s photo shoot location. If your wedding day you are heading to a park, your engagement should be in a location with buildings and such. Plain and simple. Have a different feel / tone to your engagement session compared to your wedding day.

Greenwood conservatory engagement photography by Focus

Great Time To Test Your Make Up Trial

Have to decide on your make up for your wedding day? what better way to start your journey by testing out your make up for the engagement session!

toronto engagement photography by focus


Another reason why we suggest having an engagement session is that our couples will be able to communicate with our artist. Our photographers will be able to understand how to work with our couples, how to take the best out of them. read more at what our photographers want you to know/

underwater engagement photography by focus

High Resolution Color Corrected Delivery

All our photos are delivered in high resolution, non-watermarked jpg format. Photos are delivered in color correct and style adjusted. An usual engagement session will deliver 50 to 100 photos, depending on the session itself.

Kariya Park Engagement Photography by Focus

Canvas Printing

The tradition of having an engagement session goes on by printing a beautiful canvas to put up during your reception. Our canvas comes in different material such as cotton and wood, sizes can be customized too. 

Hamilton engagement photography by Focus

How to prepare for your engagement photography shoot?

1. Location Permits

Most engagement photography locations does not require permit, a casual outfit photography session are permitted. 


2. Props 

We suggest having balloons, blackboards, or even if it doesn’t fall into the “props” categories…. your dogs. 


3.  Best Times to Start

The most ideal time to do an engagement session will be 8am to 10am, or 5pm to 7pm. 


4. What To Wear For Your Engagement

Figuring out how to match your colors ? here are some of the best tips to prepare for your engagement session 

Gairloch Garden Engagement Photography

Waterfalls, Underwater