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Are you looking for a business photographer for professional headshots? Headshots are the most in-demand services a photographer offers these days. Irrespective of who you are and what you do, you need your headshots taken. Businesses use headshots and put them up on their websites while individuals need professional headshots for their websites and social media handles. 

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What are Professional Headshots?

Professional headshots are photos that focus on the face. They put a name to your face and help others remember you. Lawyers and other professionals use their business headshots for marketing purposes. You would also find a professional headshot on a business website giving it a personal touch. In comparison, actors need headshots for their portfolios. Some businesses ask for business headshots along with your resume before a job interview as well. So, everyone needs good professional headshots. 


Since having your corporate business headshot photographs taken can be a little confusing here are some ideas that can help you.



$ $300
  • 1 beautified Headshot
  • High resolution color corrected edited jpg
  • Raw Photos download
  • Indoor / Outdoor option

Location For Your business Headshots

Just like with any other type of photography, for a business headshots photographer,  having a proper location is essential when getting your headshots taken as well. Backdrops for your headshots can be chosen from anything from actual backdrops in studios to any other indoor or outdoor setting. The idea for a business headshots are to have a simple background. So, keep that in mind. It is also essential to make sure that the backdrop is not distracting. Remember, the focus should be on your face. Try going for a plain neutral coloured background. If you want to try something different, getting your pictures taken in an empty office or near stairwells will work as well. You need to make sure that you control the lighting, wherever you take the pictures. The light and the background must complement each other and neither be too bright or too dull. 

Under $1000

$ $500
  • 3 Beautified Headshots
  • High resolution color corrected edited jpg
  • Raw Photos download
  • Indoor / Outdoor Option

how to pose for your Business headshot

Remember, you are not posing for your wedding photoshoot nor a friends birthday party. These are professional pictures done by business photographer that will go on your CV and help market your work. 

The first thing you have to decide the way you sit. You have to make sure that the posture you choose to sit in, compliments you as well. It does not matter whether you sit or stand. What matters is that your back should be straight. It should be positioned forty-five degrees towards the camera, with your head tilted towards the photographer. It will be easier if you look at the photographer, instead of the camera or the flash. 

You can also give your opinion about how you want the headshot. You will have to keep in mind that these are corporate headshots, so only give your advice if you are sure about something. Otherwise, it is always a better idea to trust the photographer since they usually have more experience. 



Your wardrobe defines what you do. These headshots will go on your portfolios, so you have to be extra careful. If you are a lawyer, you can wear your uniform, and if you are a Biochemist working in a lab, you can wear your lab coat. It is essential to understand that whatever you wear for these headshots, must not be distracting. You have to remember that the focus should remain on your face and nothing else. Try to avoid clothes that are too bright or too casual. You have to make sure that these pictures show a professional look. It will be smart if you avoid bringing any props as well. You should dress as simple as you would dress up while doing your job. Your wardrobe will reflect on your profession, and it is a statement that you do not want to go wrong. 


It is crucial to invest in a good business headshot photographer for your headshots. It is your headshots that will market your business and you, getting you the jobs or opportunities you need. There are various types of photographers who do headshots. It is crucial to think about who you decide. Your photographer should have a studio. The already built studio provides location, lighting and the perfect backdrop for your pictures. All these would already be in place. Your photographer should also be ready to retouch your photos, in case you need to edit that pimple off of your face. It is a good option if your photographer offers a proper session. Neither of you will have to hurry with the pictures this way, and you can take your time to get the best outcome. Your photographer should give you a bundle of photos with one to choose from and provide it in high quality for you to use on your portfolios. If you’re looking for an affordable wedding photography service, feel free to reach out to us. 


Most people tend to forget the importance of composition when getting their headshots done. Composition in a picture means paying attention to what will be photographed, how it is placed with other objects, and how the subject matter is expressed. In this case, the person getting their headshots is the subject. The photographer will have to see what can be used to highlight and draw attention to your face. It would be best if you stood out, so try to stand a little far from the backdrop or the wall and more towards the camera. If the photographer is using the right kind of lens, it will help them blur out the background focusing on you. 

There is another rule in photography, called the rule of thirds. It involves mentally dividing the picture two horizontal and two vertical lines. You then position the essential elements of your image in those lines. The vital part being yourself, you can apply the rule of thirds in these headshots too. You can have a broader uncropped photo that can show background for your website and a cropped one for your business card. 

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