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Envisioning yourself walking down the elegantly-lit aisle in a hot and sophisticated wedding dress; all of the guests follow your every move as you take each momentous step towards your groom who is patiently waiting in front of the altar. After visualizing yourself exchanging your vows in front of hundreds of guests, here comes the moment where you enter a grand ballroom as enchanted and magical music plays. This is how grand you envisage your wedding day, extravagant and fabulous.


But, when you are working on a certain budget, you have to wake up to the reality that not all that you have dreamed your wedding would be may not be put into reality because of the constraints of the cost. The best thing is that you can still have your dream wedding, although it may not be as luxurious as you would visualize it without causing you to be broke or bankrupt.


Here are some ways on how to set a wedding budget:


  • Setting the budget for a wedding can be tough and daunting so it really needs careful and meticulous planning. You have to set your priorities as to where to spend more and you would have to create a priority list.


  • Have a sit-down meeting or discussion with your fiancé and settle some of your personal differences as to what you both hone more important to spend a relatively greater amount of money on.


  • Limit the invited guests to family, relatives and close friends the a number you could only afford to spend for.


  • Hiring a wedding budget planner is also one of the current trends in planning for a well-budgeted wedding event. These wedding budget planners will help you research for some of the good quality yet affordable list of services like catering, wedding photography or wedding entertainment.


  • Weddings take a lot of work and you need to hire people and pay these people with the services they render. In the intention to save up on the cost of labor, some couples would hire the services of some relatives and friends, but, in some cases this may not be a good idea. One example is letting a friend take wedding pictures rather than hiring a professional wedding photography, this might be the biggest mistake a couple will ever make because it might turn into a disaster.


  • The location, food and beverages takes approximately 40 – 50% of your entire budget so you have to plan really carefully and be organized so as not to incur other additional expenses because last minute deals may cost even more than the usual.


  • Although you are working on a relatively reasonable budget, you don’t have to sacrifice the fun and excitement of your wedding. Maintain the wow factor of your wedding venue by adding some motif-inspired accents to the tables and the entire venue of the wedding ceremony and party.


Weddings should be enjoyable not only on the special day, it becomes a great concern that by spending too much for the wedding, both of you would not be able to enjoy the succeeding months just because you have to pay off some people you have borrowed from just because you wanted a very extravagant wedding celebration. Think again, start right, and have a hassle and worry-free marriage.

Toronto Affordable Wedding Photographer