The Vital Roles and Responsibilities of a Bridesmaid

The Vital Roles and Responsibilities of a Bridesmaid

The Vital Roles and Responsibilities of a Bridesmaid
Throwing a wedding can be stressful for both the bride and the groom that is why they need their bridesmaid and groomsmen by their side to relieve some of their stress and worries. Any wedding is not complete without a bridesmaid; it is a great honor to be given that kind of position, most girls wish to be given that kind of responsibility. For girls who have never experienced being a bridesmaid, here are the list of bridesmaid’s duties during the wedding, so that they could have an idea on what to do and they can be efficient bridesmaids;

During the wedding, the bridesmaid must help the bride dressing up and stay with her until the hair and makeup is done.

• The bridesmaid has to hold the brides pouch, which is full of makeup necessities that is needed for touch ups any time of the day.

• The bridesmaid has to ensure that the flower bearers are dressed on time, calm and that they know their role in the wedding

• It is her job to escort the bridal party into their cars including the parents of the bride and they will all wait for the bride outside the ceremony venue.

• When the bride steps out of the car, the bridesmaid is the one who will fix the bride’s dress, veil, and bouquet. Part of the duty is to keep an eye at the back of the wedding dress and adjust her train for the entourage, this will ensure they have amazing photos!

• The bridesmaid has to line up everybody that is included on the bridal entourage.

• The bridesmaid has to take the bouquet out of the bride’s hands during the ceremony and give it back to her before she walks down the aisle.

• The groom’s men and the bridesmaids leave the venue together escorting everyone to the reception.

• The bridesmaids have to communicate with the groom’s men to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the reception. It means the bridesmaids and the groom’s men should work as a team during the wedding as the couple’s right hands.

• The bridesmaid should not leave the bride’s side throughout the celebration ensuring that the bride has everything she needs.

• In modern weddings, the bridesmaid is assigned to do the speech after the meal or before the meal.

• The bridesmaid has to assist the bride when the couple has to “get away”, change for a different outfit, going to the bathroom, checking her appearance or removing the veil.

• The bridesmaid has to cooperate with the groom’s man, to arrange the wine and flowers for the couple’s wedding night room.

With lots of duties, many would think of not accepting the position given to them, but before making up their minds, they should realize the situation, it is their best friend who entrusts them of being the bridesmaid. If they are true friends, they will accept the responsibility with open arms. The bride will never forget the things the bridesmaid has done to make the wedding perfect.