The simplest ways to make the best of wedding catering

The Simplest Ways to Make The Best of Wedding Catering In Toronto


The simplest ways to make the best of wedding catering


Wedding Catering Services in Toronto

A wedding will never be entirely unforgettable not without the sumptuous feast that everyone will indulge at the wedding reception. People who have attended the wedding would probably forget how the wedding venue looks like, the French table setting or the details of the entire wedding program in a matter of days or weeks. But what will last to their memories is how much they enjoyed the meal.

Typically in a wedding reception, food served is a reflection of the family’s native roots. Like for some Hindu-American or any mixed-racial wedding receptions, the meals from their native lands are always present in the plated meal or buffet table. And since providing meals for the guest is one of the arduous works in such occasion, some opt to rent the services of many caterers. Wedding couples do not need to relay the full details of the wedding reception to the caterers. They can also add a personal touch to it without getting caught up with the preparation hype.  Here’s how:

Identifying the wedding style:

Before meeting the prospective catering services, soon-to-be husband and wife should go over with the things they want for their wedding. The holistic appearance of the wedding celebration is depended from the details of the wedding like the wardrobe styles, invitation and the catering selections. Visualizing the look of the wedding reception will help identify if a formal sit-down dinner, a traditional buffet dinner or a simple outdoor cocktail celebration will do.

Search for Wedding Food Experts:

Asking for recommendations from friends and families that had a party the wedding couples had enjoyed with, will help ease the burden of finding the right catering services for the special day. Narrowing the list to three or four will keep the selection smooth. Telling the caterers how the wedding is envisioned will help them figure out what is best for the occasion. Looking for their sample menus and combination of dishes they offer can also aid the couples as to how much they will be spending since some wedding receptions limits menu choices. A quick google for toronto blogs will give you a good idea!

Bar choices:

If wedding couples do not want to end up in a hefty bar bill greater than the food served itself it’s better to slash out cash bars. Holding a wedding earlier in the day would likely have guest opt to have champagne for the toast. Paying a flat fee for bar service will also help in saving a few bucks if there are heavy drinkers in the party. Another way is to discourage waiter in refilling wine glasses during a dinner reception and made it clear to them that no bottle should be open not until everything is finished. But if drinking is inevitable, the brides and grooms should consider buying the alcohol ahead of time. Imagine the wedding photos shots you could have for your wedding in toronto! 

Desserts fit for the occasion:

Consider the weather and the venue of the wedding in preparing the desserts. Some desserts do not go with the weather (as for ice creams and butter creams in cakes that melt easily in hot temperatures). And to save money for the wedding cake, think about the venue and deem having a smaller, formal cake suited for the cutting ceremony. Aside from wedding cakes and other pastries, wedding couples can also have fruit displays along with numerous dipping sauces.

Charging fees:

Toronto Wedding couples should be aware of the fees that caterers will be charging for the services such as corkage fee (using the alcohol provided by the caterer can help avoid any corkage fee), cake-cutting fee (the caterer’s cutting fee should be minimal if the cake comes from an outside baker) and coffee-pouring fee (this is charged per cup so avoid having this on the list) so they could identify what should be remove from the list of services and also help them save a few bucks.