Sri lankan Weddings

ceremonial bath & Lighting of oil lamps

The couple and their families illuminate traditional oil lamps known as “Hetti Paththuwa” to seek blessings from deities and wish for a prosperous married life for the couple.

Bride’s younger brother/cousin brother will clean the groom's shoes with a piece of cloth.

The bride’s younger brother or cousin will gently clean the groom’s shoes with a piece of cloth. This custom originates from a time when grooms didn’t arrive in luxurious vehicles but may have used a cart or walked with their parents to reach the bride’s location. Following the cleaning ritual, the groom traditionally presents a small gift to the brother, typically in the form of a ring.

before the Poruwa Ceremony

Both fathers will light the oil lamps (maeti pahan) on the pun kalasato symbolize the start of the poruwa charithra.

Presenting a Gift to the Bride

The groom will offer the bride a necklace and a saree as gifts. Typically, the saree is intended for the bride to wear during her homecoming, symbolizing the groom’s commitment to providing for her throughout their married life.

Sharing Kiribath

The bride and groom participate in a tradition where they feed each other portions of kiribath (milk rice) along with a glass of milk or water.

nuptial knot & Blessing from elders

The bride and groom’s two little fingers are intertwined with a ceremonial thread, while the fathers of both parties pour blessed water (pirith pan) over it. This act signifies the transfer of responsibilities and the groom’s commitment to caring for the bride from this moment forward.

photoshoot in traditional clothing