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Sikh weddings, rooted in love and spirituality, are woven together by a series of cherished rituals. The Anand Karaj ceremony, the pinnacle of the celebration, sees the couple encircle the Guru Granth Sahib, binding their commitment within the sacred teachings. 

The Milni joyously unites families, while the Ardaas prayer invokes blessings for the journey ahead. The Laavan verses, rich with symbolism, guide the couple’s spiritual path, and the Palla Rasam signifies the groom’s promise of support. Sikh wedding rituals are a harmonious blend of love and spirituality, etching a story of eternal togetherness.

Roka / Shagun / Sangeet




The Milni is a joyful ritual where both families, along with friends and relatives, meet and exchange greetings and gifts. It’s a heartwarming moment of unity and celebration, as both sides come together to celebrate the couple’s union and seek blessings for their future.


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