Wedding Seating Etiquette Musts and Top 3 Reasons Why

Wedding Seating Etiquette Must and Top 3 Reasons Why

Every couple wants their wedding to be unforgettable and well-organized; they want that the ceremony and the party to turn out really well and successful. You can say that your wedding turned out to be successful if you and your guests have enjoyed the party together with their friends and companions.

If you are planning a seating arrangement put yourself in a situation and analyze what your guests might experience if you decide not to have seating etiquette. If you decide to let them choose where they want to sit, it would be hard for them and it would cause some delays due to skipping some tables because they are not close with the one sitting beside them, while if you have a seating arrangement they can easily find their proper seats and would be happy to see that they are with someone they know. Here are reception seating etiquette musts, and the people who should be seated where, and also how it makes your team of toronto wedding photographer’s life  

  • The Bridal Table. Most bridal table is placed in the center and a bit far from the guests. It is decorated with flowers and arranged differently from others because of the word itself the bride and the groom will be sitting there and since they are the star of the event, they must have something more special.
  • Table for the newly wed’s family. Most of the time, the parent’s of the newlywed’s sits on the opposite side. The bride’s family is seated on the groom’s side and the groom’s family is seated on the bride’s side together with their relatives, family, and friends.
  • The Friends’ Table. Having your friends together in a table would be much appropriate and they are more likely to enjoy the party while chatting among themselves.
  • The Children’s Table. This is preferable for those couples who have numbers of invited kids. Prepare a table only for children but if you have below three invited children let them sit beside their parents
  • If you wanted to pair some of your friends to your future husband’s friends, then feel free to place them on the same table and let them get to know each other as the party take its course, and who knows another wedding might be on the way.

Following these seating arrangement ideas will surely help you achieve a well-organized wedding reception in Toronto. On the other hand, here are top three reasons why you should finalize a seating arrangement for your wedding reception:

  • Who wants to be seated next to someone whom you don’t even know, right? It can happen in some instances, but, it is not advisable especially during weddings because they might not enjoy the party
  • A wedding is almost like a reunion, so make it a point that each family member of both the bride and the groom is sitting together in a large table.
  • When preparing for a seating arrangement, make sure that you ask your parents if there is something like family minefields. You might not know about some misunderstandings from the past that would make them feel awkward because it would prevent unnecessary things to happen and it would definitely let them enjoy the party.