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Why You Need A Same Day Edit For Your Wedding?

Same day edit videos for weddings are an increasingly popular trend across Canada, for many reasons. Though the expense is a little higher, having a same day edit for your wedding can be an inspiring and amazing experience for the marrying couple, their friends and family.

What is a Same Day Edit for a Wedding? 


So what is a same day edit? A same day edit gives guests a chance to relive moments of the wedding ceremony during the reception. Through the use of a skilled editing team, a same day edit is a video of the footage procured from the wedding ceremony and then put together for the couple to watch while they are still in the midst of it. Many party guests have been stunned at the quality of the same day edit videos, with much praise provided to the production and the speed at which the piece was put together.

Get the Right Team in Place


The only way to ensure that a same day edit is feasible is by having the right professionals ready to go on the day of. This requires heavy coordination between the people behind the camera and a highly skilled editing team that are ready to assemble the footage as soon as it arrives to them. Not surprisingly, this is very challenging and requires patience to be able to pull off.

Relive your Wedding While You’re Still in the Moment

To some couples, this may seem to be an unexciting prospect but in practice, a same day edit is actually quite warm and romantic. As it pertains to guest’s experiences, the people who were unable to attend the actual wedding ceremony – and believe me, there is always at least one person who ends up accidentally missing the ceremony – it will provide them with something to watch at the reception. It also gives guests a glimpse into what it took to get things ready for your special day. From the perspective of the couple, many brides and grooms end up watching and re-watching their same day edit almost a dozen times throughout the days immediately following the wedding.

Get your Special Day out on Social Media Instantly 


Some couples are deeply embedded into social media culture, having shared key moments in the lead-up to their wedding through platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. No matter how deep into online communication a marrying couple is, getting the same day edit out on social media can be a huge bonus and an unexpected surprise for friends. Also, it can be a particularly touching way to connect with family who might have been unable to attend your wedding due to circumstances. Most couples who take advantage of a same day edit keep it a secret, surprising guests at the reception and making those watching at home feel like they are there with you.

How Can We Make a Same Day Edit Amazing? 


After the initial surprise of a same day edit, for guests, they’ll be wondering what they’re about to watch. If you have the right team behind a same day edit, typically, it turns out quite well. If you really want to have it look amazing, it does take some pre-planning. For example, taking the time to film some scenes earlier in the day of reading cards, gift exchanges, and/or simply getting ready, etc., this can all add a fun spice to the video. Also, incorporating guest comments or even the appearances of guests can be a nice nod to those in attendance. The use of different video tech, even couples who have hired drones for weddings, find that the more variety they have in different angles and shots, the easier it is to put together a video. Generally, the more cameras, the better. Just having a single video is not necessarily going to capture everything the way you want to capture it, particularly if you are making a same day edit to show to guests and anyone interested.

Make Room in the Budget and Consider the Venue


It’s easy to get carried away with the prospect of a same day edit but there are two things to keep in mind – budget and venue. A same day edit can range in price starting from $800 and this must be accounted for in one’s wedding budget. Make sure the wiggle room is there so that you don’t regret your purchase. Also, be sure to confirm with the venue whether they have the proper equipment to play audio and video. If there’s nothing to play it on, it can really hurt plans. If they do not have the appropriate equipment to play a same day edit, bring your own or rent some. After you have set up the audio-video equipment, be sure to test it in the same manner that you will be playing the same day edit. Make sure everything is good to go so that when it comes time to share your video with guests, there’s no trouble.

Should I Get a Same Day Edit for My Wedding? 


Though weddings rarely disappoint, sometimes it is a little sad that there is all this build-up to an event that does not actually last that long. Many couples end up remarking, “It went by so fast!” One of the reasons why so many people recommend a same-day edit is that is gives an opportunity to slow things down and reflect. For all involved, a wedding can be a sometimes stressful and long day. A same day edit is a perfect ending, giving a sense of closure to the festivities and adding some clarity to a day that can go by in a blur. Think about all the things you’ll do on your wedding day – recite your vows, exchange rings, kiss, laugh, cry, dance, and everything involved! There’s no better way to end the day than to take a few minutes to relive the big moments and to really appreciate the efforts that have been put in to making the day special.

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Same Day Edits Are Available For $650 Add On

Only Available For Packages with 2 Cinematographer