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University of Toronto Wedding Photography

Have you ever dreamed of getting married in a place where there is a romantic ambiance and

everyone can feel the abundance of love; a place where the guests could enjoy a breeze of fresh air

away from the polluted city air and yet you are stuck in the city because of your wedding budget? Do

not be sad, maybe the city is not an ideal place for an intimate wedding but as the saying goes, “do not

judge a book just by its cover.” Because every city has its very own getaway paradise, all you have to do

is to patiently search for it. A couple succeeded on finding one as they also live in the city called Toronto.

They held their wedding in one of the most popular sites in Toronto and this is no other than The

University of Toronto.

In fact, Yuki and Froilan’s idea of getting married within the campus premises is not new as it

have also been done by other wedded couples. Who would not think of the campus as a wonderful

wedding venue, with the fact that the University has already made its mark in Academics as the

birthplace of Insulin and Stem cell research, its ground’s architectural designs and buildings has more

than just historical values, it is also filled with a romantic glow perfect for couples who are in search for

their perfect wedding venue.

One of the most famous grounds in the University is the lawn at the Northeast because it is

anchored by the Hart House where most intimate events take place. Aside from its outdoor courtyard,

the Hart House also contains a range of university facilities which include the gymnasium, archery range,

swimming pool, art gallery, theatre, lounges, reception areas, study rooms and restaurants. In spite of

all the different facilities in the Hart House, they still managed to maintain its stunning Gothic Revival

architecture which makes the area perfect for photo shoots as it can make every picture unique and


As a proof, have you seen Yuki and Froilan’s wedding photography? If you are not aware that it

was taken inside the university campus you would think that they had a destination wedding because

the structures of their venue do really have a historical background which is very edgy for a photo shoot;

it does not look like a campus building at all.

The Photograph taken while Yuki was walking in the hall is timeless; she looks like a princess

walking inside the castle hall. The background walls are enough to depict that she is somewhere built

decades ago.

As for the wedding ceremony, yes it is under direct sunlight, but they still looked fresh and

radiantly stunning in their photos. Yuki’s gown looked really outstanding combined with a bouquet of

red fresh blooms. It absolutely enhanced her gorgeous Asian look. As for Froilan, he looked really

handsome with his navy blue suit which flawlessly goes with his striped tie. Fashion-wise the tie spruced

up the guy’s look. With the bridesmaids dressed in their individually-tailored, one-of-a-kind dresses

holding their yellow bouquets that matched the boutonnieres worn by the groomsmen. Yuki and Froilan

has chosen a great color for their motif, their dresses looked really cool in the eyes which perfectly

matched the surroundings.

In some of their photos, Froilan and Yuki have changed their clothes. Yuki wore a traditional

Chinese Qipao, while Froilan wore the traditional Filipino wedding attire called Barong. We can say that

they have changed their clothes as a sign of respect to their country’s great customs and cultures.

As their wedding ended, their next stop would be their wedding reception. The reception was

also held in the Hart House’s reception hall. On the viewer’s part, their choice of color for the reception

is majestically great. The place looked very lively just like Yuri and Froilan in their wedding photos. A

lively surrounding can increase the guests’ satisfaction and enjoyment. As the wedding invitees enjoy

the food, they would probably feel energized and awe-inspired because of the couple’s cheerful motif.

Who would want to have a bored crowd on their special day, every wedded couple wants the crowd to

have the same level of energy; and because of this the couple has to make the party fun and amusing.

Guests’ laughing during the party simply implied that they are truly having a spendid time and the event

proved to be a huge success.

With the table settings, it showed how playful and fun-loving Froilan and Yuri are as a couple.

This is an important characteristic of every relationship; yeah, we call long-term relationships as “serious

relationships” but they should not live up to it. Because taking things too seriously will only lead to

negative results such as breakups, heartaches, depression and many more. That is why it is a must for

couples to always have a superb fun time together because it lessens the pressure, and spending happy

moments can help them face problems in a positive perspective.

This might be a personal opinion when we observe that couples have something is special on

the way they look at each other on the wedding photos. Like Yuki and Froilan’s photo on their sweet and

engaging dance at their wedding reception, it seems like Froilan can’t stop himself from staring at his

lovely wife; this is abso0lutely flattering on Yuki’s part because she felt more beautiful, loved and

appreciated. Hopefully, Froilan will never stop looking at Yuri that same way until the end of time. Many

wives wish to go back to the time when their husbands looked at them in the most lovable and

passionate way.

If you are satisfied and inspired with Froilan and Yuki’s wedding photographs, it would be the

best option to hire an exceptionally talented wedding photographer who can provide the same results

because they can bring life to a simple photo. With regards to your destination wedding, stop fussing

about it and be understanding, why waste money on an expensive wedding if you can still attain your

destination wedding on a smaller budget. You just have to be patient in finding your city’s hidden

paradise. When you find it, your wedding photos will be wondrous and momentous. It will look like an

elegantly expensive destination wedding that you have always dreamt of all your life.

Venue: Hart House, University of Toronto