Winnie & Robert | Graydon Hall Pre-Wedding Photography

About This Project

 Graydon Hall Pre-Wedding Photography

It is not often that you get to dress up in your wedding apparel, complete with perfectly set hair and makeup. On your wedding day, everything will have to abide to a tight schedule, and time for a proper photography session with both of you looking your best is preciously limited. Which is why more and more couples are opting for a Graydon Hall Pre-Wedding Photography session, where they can first dress up and take lovely photos in their wedding apparel, without the hustle and bustle of a wedding schedule. Winnie and Robert definitely caught on to the trend, and decided to have their pre wedding session held in Graydon Hall, one of the most popular and definitely beautiful wedding photography location in Toronto. Complete with a sweet pink and white bouquet, and a dreamy wedding dress, Winnie and her groom-to-be spent a pleasant afternoon visiting different spots in the manor, and had their memories documented by our photographer.


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