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 Kariya Park Wedding Photography and Videography

If you are a fan of the movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin starring Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz, or a fan of One Republic’s “Good Life” song, you’ll like reading about this Kariya Park wedding.

“People mistaken love to be the fiery flame. Real love is what’s left over after being in love has been burnt away,” Danny quotes his favourite movie during his wedding speech. His voice trails off as he is overwhelmed with emotions.

“The battles we have fought to get here today, the roads we have crawled to get here today. Everything has come down to this moment, to this day.”

Victoria (or as Danny fondly calls her, Vicky) and Danny’s Mississauga Kariya Park wedding takes place on a balmy summer day. The jacket-less weather is so perfect for a wedding. Victoria looks stunning in her strapless wedding gown with lacy embroideries. The bridesmaids’s lavender coloured dresses add a pop of colour to our photos.

A Vietnamese wedding won’t be complete without gifts that symbolize good fortune. Friends and family lavish the bride with presents like brand-name handbags. Vicky gets a kick out of the tradition when she is given a bag of McDonald’s as a gift. Yum. The groomsmen also come with their hands full of gifts.

For the photo shoot of their Kariya Park wedding, the couple choose a quaint spot at the heart of Mississauga near Square One. The park commemorates the sister city friendship between Kariya, Japan and Mississauga. Its unique architecture incorporates Japanese gardens, which make great backdrops for the wedding photos.

The couple get creative with the natural features of Kariya Park, posing with stone benches, wood bridges and the ubiquitous greenery. Kariya Park’s iconic pavilion is big enough to fit the entire party – a perfect place for a group shot. The friendship bell is also a unique feature in the park which can’t be found in other wedding photos.

The wedding takes on a more luxury tone in the evening, as the party heads to Grand Metropolitan of Mississauga. The couple put on a beautiful dance that moves the audience to tears. Thank you Victoria and Danny for introducing our Toronto wedding videographers and photographers to Kariya Park, a little gem in busy Mississauga.

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