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Cancun destination weddings have become a wedding trend nowadays because of its romantic white sandy beaches, amazing indoor venues, easy air access from worldwide gateways, and seaside facilities with turquoise water that serves as a background. Most wedding couples who wants an intimate destination wedding chooses Cancun in Mexico, simply for the reason that it offers romance and excitement.


Cancun can be found in the heart of the ancient Mayan civilization which makes arranging a tour with your concierge to see the magnificent archaeological sites namely Chichen Itza, Tulum or Coba a must. Aside from the archaeological sites, what made Cancun famous to wedding couples is its underwater life and nightlife that everyone can enjoy the wedding celebration.


If you and your partner love exploring the underwater life, Cancun destination wedding is a perfect choice because Cancun and its environ are known for their aquamarine waters and massive coral reefs. In fact, with its crystal clear water, you can just stand in the water and watch the colorful tropical marine life swims that include turtles, eels, shrimps and tropical fishes.


The nightlife in Cancun is also lavish but offers pure entertainment so you’ll never experience any dull moment when you stay here. Nightlife in Cancun allows wedding couples, their family and friends to have a fancy night by enjoying their disco dancing, shows, and music.


So if you choose Cancun destination wedding, you will get the chance to celebrate your holy matrimony and have a memorable vacation with your loved ones in Cancun as well.


With the aforementioned destination wedding features of Cancun, it is not surprising that Vanessa and James chose to celebrate their special day in the picturesque white sandy beaches of Cancun.


So what is Vanessa and James’ Cancun destination wedding looks like?


Vanessa and James are one of the many wedding couples who fell in love with the beauty of Cancun, which is situated in the Yucatan Peninsula. Many believe that Cancun destination weddings are perfect for wedding couples who wants to have a mix of beach, partying and culture. And being able to celebrate their big day in Cancun with their family and friends is something that they will surely cherish.


Wedding Theme and Choices


The destination wedding of Vanessa and James in Cancun made a remarkable impression to many wedding guests as the wedding couples have successfully managed to fuse the classic aura of black, white and stripes to the breath-taking views of Cancun white sandy beaches. The wedding venue, decorations, and outfits are perfectly aligned with what Cancun always wants to project to its visitors. So it’s not surprising that all of the wedding photos turned out priceless.


What makes the Vanessa and James destination wedding in Cancun special is the creative choices of the wedding couples when it comes to the wedding details. Laces, lovely floral designs in pastel hues, classic black and white in vertical stripes as well turquoise crystal clear water and sandy beaches – with all these elements combined what comes out is a romantic Cancun wedding.


The Bridesmaid and The Groomsmen Attire


The bridesmaids in the Cancun destination wedding of Vanessa and James wore dark gray A-line gowns while the groomsmen wear white sleeves layered with dark gray chalecos. And these attires made the bride’s lace gown and the grooms sleek dark gray suit a standout.


From the wedding detail choices that Vanessa and James have made, they were able to create a Cancun destination wedding that is unique, elegant and romantic at the same time. Every wedding detail matches the beauty of Cancun and it’s tropical weather – no wonder Vanessa and James’ Cancun destination wedding photos is considered one of the best wedding pictures. That is because it has managed to bring out the personalities of the bride and groom: classic and chic.


The Wedding Venue


Cancun is not only famous for its white sandy beaches. It is also the hotspot for many luxury hotels that offers amazing amenities that every guest would love. And one of the known hotels with the scenic views of the ocean is Vanessa and James’ wedding venue.


Vanessa and James’ Cancun wedding photography showed what the venue looks like. There are pink and white rose petals on each side of the carpeted aisle and an elegant floral arrangement on each side of the altar table. Beautiful white laces adorn the ceilings of the minichapel and the seats in chocolate brown are well arranged on each side.


Looking at the wedding venue of Vanessa and James Cancun destination wedding, it clearly shows how hands-on this lovely couple when it comes to their wedding details. Although most of the designs are minimalist, it still gives out a clean and fresh as well as classic and elegant look. Best of all, it features the beauty of Cancun which makes Vanessa and James destination wedding extra special.


Cancun is not only perfect for a destination wedding because it offers picturesque backgrounds that would make your wedding photos worth cherishing. Is not everyday that people will be able to see such a lovely place, so if you are looking forward to an unforgettable wedding, it is just right to choose a wedding location that provides a good background like Cancun. This will remind people not only how great the wedding celebration was, but the effort of the wedding couples to make the big day momentous.

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