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 Atlantis Pavilion Wedding Videography

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”     ― Dr. Seuss

Toufan and David are a match made in heaven. From a single glance, anyone can see the love they feel for one another, and the lengths they would go just to see each other smile. As seen by our Toronto wedding videographers, whether it is in the form of a fleeting kiss, and or a lasting gaze into each other’s eyes, Toufan and David share a love that is truly awe-inspiring.

David took his time getting ready, dressing himself in an immaculate grey suit that brought out his calm persona. Every movement was approached in a collected manner, from setting the final knot in his tie to setting his cuff links into order. He guided himself with relative ease, inspired by a note of pure affection as our Toronto wedding videographers recorded.

Toufan looked beautiful in a white wedding gown of exquisite elegance. As she prepared herself for her special day, she was aided by family and friends, all of whom took a moment to show our Toronto wedding videographers just how excited they were for the bride. Even amidst all the excitement, Toufan took a moment to read her own note of love. The two of them were simply sweet, beautiful and romantic.

The bonds of matrimony between Toufan and David were forged at the Atlantis Pavilions Banquet Hall, overlooking the shores of Lake Ontario boasting panoramic views of the Toronto skyline. Located at Ontario Place, this landmark location features floor-to-ceiling windows in each ballroom, a rooftop patio and a 450-seat theatre. With the entire cityscape of Toronto to one side and a splendid vista of unending water on the other, it was evident to our Toronto wedding videographers that Toufan and David’s special day was truly an extraordinary event.

Venue: Atlantis Pavilions

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