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Hart House Wedding Photos and Video


“Choose to love each other even in those moments when you struggle to like each other. Love is a commitment, not a feeling.’’ This is one of the few pieces of marriage advice we here at Focus Productions, Toronto’s best photography and cinematography registry of the world’s quality weddings, believe. And truly, to witness a young, lovely couple, Stephanie and Jonathan, vow to love and to hold each other for the rest of their days is a sight we’re glad we didn’t miss. And luckily, we, with our best photographers and videographers at Focus Productions, were there to capture the precious moment in their lives together.


The engagement shoot was held at the Hart House, a magnificent venue for a unique and whimsical shoots to remember. Especially, one to be remembered throughout the rest of the couple’s days and more. The photos, as shown, turned out perfectly as what the beautiful couple, Stephanie and Jonathan aspired to be. And this is to say that we did half the job of this one. It was so easy capturing the natural, loving moments shared by the two. No need for choreography and direction, these two knows how to play with the camera.


A pleasant setting for our videographers and cinematographers, Stephanie and Jonathan were fortunate to have a bright and beautiful on their big day. Meeting the pair on the morning-of, Stephanie had already been busy with her bridesmaids preparing hours ahead for the big moment to come. As was the case for Jonathan, the groom, as he preps with his groomsmen for the biggest day of his life. So with this, our videographers and photographers made absolute sure that we captured these moments leading up to the aisle.


Then comes in the solemn ceremony, held outdoors at the beautiful Hart House. The two lovebirds exchanged vows, both deep and sincere, and shared a kiss to finally and officially seal the union as man and wife. Tears, smiles and claps echoed throughout the whole venue. The emotions were just unstoppable. After the ceremony, the newlyweds had some time before the wedding reception to take some snapshots with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, along with their family and friends. We captured all these moments in our highlight reel, as what you have seen.


And finally, transitioning into the awaited part of the day, the wedding reception, the gushing of emotions still wasn’t over. As speeches were exchanged and emotions were heard, everyone in the room, including the servers (maybe), had shown the most sincere and loving hopes for the newlyweds. Taking place at the Hart House, they had specially prepared an absolutely breathtaking setup for their truly special evening. Looking back on it, Stephanie and Jonathan’s wedding was truly a heartfelt and sentimental day, even for us here at Focus Productions. And with this, we hope and wish the couple will live a long and joyous marriage. One that will be written in the books.

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