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The wedding of Sally and Milap – A Cultural Extravaganza

It never fails to amaze me – the vibrant costumes, intricately designed jewelry, music, fun and the high octane emotions. I am talking about Indian wedding. We were lucky to shoot another Indian wedding and you can look at the photos to understand what I mean.

Do you know every state in India has different costumes, cuisine and even rituals? That makes it a fascinating country, I think. This diversity is reflected in their weddings also and thus we are never bored of shooting them. The Indian wedding photos of Sally and Milap are a proof of how colorful and dramatic the weddings can be.

Look at the costume Sally is wearing. With rich mirror work, along with matching jewelry, she looked like a princess. The colorful design on her palms is called mehendi and is considered auspicious. Milap, our groom also wore traditional outfit. They reached the wedding venue, dancing and singing.

Another thing unique about this wedding was that both Indian and western traditions were followed. Thus, while the wedding was strictly traditional, the reception was western. That’s double bonanza as you could see the best of both the worlds.

In the presence of their friends and relatives, Sally and Milap performed all the wedding rites. They exchanged garlands and rings too.

Hold your breath it’s time to witness their western style reception. Sally wore a white, off-shoulder gown along with Indian jewelry. She looked stunning in those finely crafted pieces studded with pearls and other stones.

We took several photos of the newlyweds against the pristine greenery. The outdoor looked beautiful along with the amazing couple and gorgeous bridesmaids.

A kiss was definitely in our mind and Milap and Sally didn’t disappoint us. They posed for us and we immortalized the moments.

The reception hall was brightly decorated in rich tones of purple. It exuded charm and elegance. The cake also had royal decorations. An imperial throne was also there for the newlywed couple before which they kissed. Indian artifacts like lamps and candles made the hall come alive.

There were touches of Indian culture as the guest couples entered dancing to Indian tunes. Guests really enjoyed the performances and some even joined in the dances. Why shouldn’t they with all foot tapping numbers being played.

Sally and Milap had a great time at the reception, watching those performances and seeking blessings of the relatives. The celebration ended with the couple dancing to a romantic number.

We wish Sally and Milap happiness and love. May their life be filled with colors of joy.

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