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Markham Convention Centre Hindu Wedding Photography and Videography



Another day, another wedding where we stopped by Markham Convention Centre. We all have that one relative who likes to remind us the importance of marriage whenever they have a chance. For Jigar, it’s his aunt who constantly jokes about having “high blood pressure” due to her nephew’s lack of suitors.

Our crew is by no means a doctor. But our wedding video may help with Dear Auntie’s mysterious condition.

At their Markham Convention Centre wedding, Roma and her groom Jigar looked radiant in their traditional Hindi outfits. Surrounded by ceremoniously dressed relatives and friends, they have never looked happier.

Roma is a long-time friend of our photographers Toronto. For her engagement, she invited us to the beautiful Distillery Historic District.

But for their actual wedding day, the casual, free-spirited couple we saw at Distillery Historic District were transformed into a pair of glamorous Hindu bride and groom.

(Here’s a small challenge for all of our fans. One of their engagement photos shot by our photographers Toronto made a cameo at the wedding. See if you can spot it being displayed at the banquet hall.)

A Hindu wedding won’t be complete without dancing. But dancing has a special meaning to Roma.

While a student at her university in Toronto, she recreated the mega-popular America’s Best Dance Crew show on her campus, and founded one of the most popular dance clubs. Every year, the best dance crew competition drew dozens of talented dancers and hundreds of screaming fans (and likely lots of revenue for the Hot Dog Guy.)

Roma, it’s been a pleasure watching you grow from a university freshman to a student leader, then to a bride. Thank you for letting our videographers and photographers Toronto tag along to document your life journey.

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