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Toronto Island Wedding Videography

Rina booked us for their wedding and we were glad to be available that day. They had told us that their wedding will be a Toronto Island Wedding allowing for us to witness the beauty that is the Toronto waterfront. The CN tower and down town Toronto was a really nice backdrop for this ceremony, and fortunately the weather was also sunny and bright. One thing, we find quite charming about Rina and Jon is their constant travelling and how they commemorate the places they go to. Rina and Jon enjoys sealing their ‘selfies’ photos with a kiss. In fact, they both did this at their ceremony, which we find to be a lovely tradition.

Before the ceremony, the couple got ready at Westin Harbour Castle Hotel right by the Toronto Harbour Front. This meant that the travel to Toronto Island required a small motorboat. Rina happily went on the boat with her lovely wedding dress, we all got a chance to have a refreshing breeze as we travelled the Harbour Front. The Toronto Island is no doubt one of the top choices for couples who love both the beach and the urban scenery. The couple had an intimate wedding with close friends and family. Rina chose the Waterfront Montesorri that faces directly the CN Tower across the lake for the ceremony. Guests arrived on pre-booked ‘boat taxis’ that dropped them off right at the ceremony site.

We found the food at this Toronto Island wedding to be really satisfying. A large grill was set up by the house and the steaks were ready for everyone to enjoy at the reception. Rina’s father had a great idea of having fireworks at the reception. He managed to find a boat that carried a full load of fireworks, to the centre of the lake between the island and the city. The beautiful fireworks announced the start of the night long party and we were fortunate enough to have captured the great display.

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