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 Hamilton Falls Engagement Photography

As part of the population who makes up the digital world of today, we have to keep up with the fast-

paced technology in order for us to be productive and efficient. However, due to technological

advancements, we often forget the things we are blessed to have. One of these things is our

environment. We may not see the facts clearly because of the massive structures unearthing each day.

But in a city where people are always on the go and have their own hectic schedule, a hidden getaway

treasure has been lying untouched by the human know-how and equipment; all this time just waiting to

be found and discovered.

Although many have already found this haven, Rebecca and Derek has managed to showcase not only

its beauty but the romantic scenery it has; it’s just a perfect getaway for couples who are deeply in love

like them. Their engagement photography looked absolutely sensational because they chose Webster’s

falls as the ideal venue for their engagement photo shoot.

Webster’s fall can be found hidden within the Spencer’s Gorge/Webster’s Falls Convention Area in

Hamilton Ontario Canada and has been known in various names such as Spencer Falls, Hart Falls, Fisher

Falls and Dr. Hamilton Falls. The place has been noted for its gorgeous panoramas of 22 meters very

classic curtain or also known as the plunge waterfall.

The place is being regarded by many as a sort of paradise within the city; the park has been doing some

upgrades to serve the visitors much better. They have constructed washroom facilities, added a

sheltered area on the top of the waterfalls and on the parking lot as well. Aside from the following, a

newer and narrower stone footbridge is provided as a crossover passage from the Spencer Creek to the

West side of the park.

Nature lovers would love and adore the place because they keep everything well-maintained and in

tiptop shape. With the breathtaking views of the landmarks and the waterfalls, everyone would want to

have their pictures taken while enjoying this enthralling paradise. Well, Rebecca and Derek is a lucky

couple because they do not only experience the romantic feel of the place, but they also managed to

create memories that are shown in their Hamilton Falls Engagement Photography session.

With all the vibrant and radiant colors in the surroundings, Rebecca and Derek looked stunningly

gorgeous. They have emitted some kind of overpowering exquisiteness and splendor even with a truly

amazing backdrop. Rebecca’s red dress and Derek’s simple long sleeve shirt and brown pants looked

really neat on their photos.

The photo of the couple on the bridge has a timeless feel, their kiss and the way he carried her was

fascinatingly engaging. People who would see it would probably commend photographer for doing a

splendid job showing the highlights of the place and the couple’s romantic scenes.

Another photo that is really inspiring is the one where Rebecca and Derek are sitting under the tree.

Derek held her and kissed her forehead, this is the sweetest gesture that a guy could do to his fiancé.

Many women would agree when we say that their photos are mesmerizing especially for the hopeless

romantics. Imagining the love of our lives hug and kiss us the same way Derek did with Rebecca we can

truly feel that we are truly loved and protected. This would create a feel like no one can ever hurt us for

as long as our partner holds us in their arms.

Beyond doubt, any background can look really beautiful if taken with two people showing how they

deeply love each other. This can actually be seen in their photos sitting on the rock beside the river; the

place might look messy if taken alone, but with them on it, the place looked magical and romantic. The

way they look at each other, their exchange of kisses, the way they smiled and the way they held each

other are really captivating and heartwarming. There are a lot of stories that the pictures can tell, the

almost perfect love story of Rebecca and Derek, that is.

Love is truly in the air as they are bound to get married very soon. We truly hope that their hugs and

kisses would never change as they go through the complicated and bumpy journey through every phase

of their marriage. With their wedding on the planning stage, Derek has never stopped surprising

Rebecca with his sweetest acts of love as he kissed her hand when they were sitting on the riverbank

rock. It might be “just” a kiss on the hand, but for many women, that is something that strikes their

hearts on a deeper level. Derek’s gesture meant that he really respects Rebecca as a woman and as her

soon-to-be wife; this is quite important because any relationship will never work without respect.

Aside from their lovable acts, the photo while they are lying on the ground looking at each other in the

eyes is magnificent and fascinating. Some of the scenes are often seen on Hollywood movies. Rebecca

and Derek are not movie stars; they are just two people having their engagement pictorial. What makes

the engagement photos perfect is because they are unrehearsed and not scripted. Yeah, the poses may

be scripted, but their smiles and the way they glanced at each other are totally genuine and real which

makes it more outstanding and exceptional.

Their engagement photos are really sweet. Holding each other’s hand is normal for all individuals in a

relationship, but they often think that their actions are meaningless, which is not. Holding your partner’s

hands is an unconscious expression of holding on to each in the face trials, adventures, and challenges

that would test their love.

Rebecca and Derek really found their destiny in each other’s arms; this is clearly stated in their cards

saying, “She’s my one and he’s my only”. With the current standards people put in a relationship, only

some can find the right person. Rebecca and Derek are very fortunate because they have found their

home in each other.

As the couple prepares for their wedding, the card that says “I stole her heart so I’m stealing her last

name.” is absolutely amusing. It creates a wondrous feel that they are really secured with each other’s

love that can last forever because their relationship strengthened by God.

With the shared photos by the couple, it is such an honor to be a witness of the pure love they share.

Being able to capture their engagement photos in a haven of felicity is breathtaking. For those couples

who are planning to have their own engagement photo shoot, they should also try doing it in a paradise

like Hamilton falls. They will not only enjoy their photo session, but they could also have a great time

with the person they want to spend their eternity with.

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