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Bright colors. Foot tapping music. Colorful costumes. Heartwarming traditions. Emotional scenes. Can you guess what I am talking about? It’s Indian wedding. If you haven’t seen one, get ready to witness an extravaganza that you would never forget. Come let’s join us for the wedding ceremony of Priya and Dil – a Sikh couple.

Just for the sake of introduction, Sikhs are a community of India who are known for bravery, diligence, innocence and their zest for life. Everything about them is larger than life. The Apollo Convention Center looked vibrant with all the colorful curtains, flowers, and of course, the Indian women in their traditional attires.

I came to know that music is a quintessential part of every Indian wedding and here also the women sang and danced as they performed the wedding rituals. The elders blessed Dil, the young and handsome groom. As we clicked photos of the Apollo Convention Center wedding, the people around us explained all the rituals. Most of them have been followed since ages and are meaningful like seeking blessings of the god and the forefathers, and praying for a love filled life for the couple.

More dance and music happened. It was difficult to remain calm amidst all the celebrations. The wedding hall was finely decorated with lamps and flowers. Indians consider red as an auspicious color and hence most of the guests were draped in red outfits. Just look at the ladies as they walked in, draped in gorgeous traditional outfits, with matching golden jewelry. It was difficult to focus on any one of them. Like everybody else, we waited for the bride to arrive. She entered with aplomb, looking like a princess.

If you are curious to know how Indian brides prepare for their d-day, here are a few photos of Priya as she put on her outfit and jewelry.

It was lovely to see Dil going down on his knees to ask for her hand. The ring ceremony was performed amidst much cheering from the guests.

The entire family gathered together for a snap. Wow, look at that dramatic photo with all the ladies and the gentlemen. Now we know what makes Indian weddings so memorable.

More dances followed as they ladies set the floor on fire. It was a visual treat which we tried to capture in our cameras.

The real wedding began with Dil reaching the venue riding a horse. We closely followed the rituals till Priya was taken to her new home.

We didn’t have to do much to shoot this wedding. Every frame came alive with the colors of the decoration, the glitter of the jewelry and the laughter of the couple. We hope Priya and Dil would enjoy watching their wedding photos.


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