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Missisauga Convention Centre Middle Eastern Wedding Photography and Videography

“Life cannot be measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that took our breath

away!” This quote will be seen in one of Patrishya and Shant’s wedding photos. The simplicity yet

meaningful message reflects their love story. Every moment that Patrishya and Shant spent together

only makes them love each other more each passing day. Their tough and taxing journey through life as

a couple starts when they decided to finally chose to be together for the rest of their lives.

Patrishya and Shant’s wedding is the definition of a lavish and extravagant wedding. Their reception at

the Mississauga Convention Centre showcases how their wedding day has become a successful union

and how their family with all the wedding guests enjoyed that momentous event.

A wedding is when two people who are deeply in love make a firm decision to be united as one. When

Patrishya and Shant finally decided to tie the knot, they made sure that everyone will be amused and

enthralled on their special day. By simply looking at their wedding photos, one can be sure that

everyone definitely had a lot of fun.

The Mississauga Convention Centre is one of the most loved and favorite choice of couples who are

planning to get married. Well, with the success of Patrishya and Shant’s wedding, it is difficult not to see

the reasons why. The Grand Ballroom alone provided the couple with enough space for their guest to

enjoy and dance at the party. In addition to that, Patrishya and Shant’s first dance as a couple mystified

everyone as their romantic and sweet dance was accentuated and highlighted by the smoke on the floor

and the vibrant lights. It gave their guests, family and friends goose bumps as they watched the couple

dance the night away in a very romantic and dreamy way.

With the convention center’s luxurious ballrooms, the live band that the couple hired was definitely

enjoyed by everyone who attended Shant and Patrishya’s wedding. Even the newlywed can be seen

dancing happily with their family and friends. They even joined the band on the stage and encouraged

every single one of their guests to have a grand and fabulous time at the party. The lively wedding

reception of Patrishya and Shant was made even more vivacious and bubbly by the different lights that

the ballroom provided. The blue, purple and green spotlights have made the party more radiantly


All seats are vacant; this is because of the fact that all the guests are standing and dancing to every beat

of the music that the band played on stage. Who would want to stay seated when everyone is dancing

and jumping around? Patrishya and Shant definitely made that all their guests will not leave the party

sweat-free and with a frown.

Patrishya and Shant’s wedding is an event that will never be forgotten by all the guests. The luxurious

ambiance and atmosphere of the venue and the striking design of the Mississauga Convention Centre

served as a wonderful backdrop for their wedding photos. The wide-spaced ballroom floors that the

convention has provided the couple’s guests enough space to move around as they enjoyed every

minute of the unforgettable event. Every wedding photo of Patrishya and Shant showcased the genuine

emotions of felicity and, of course, the exhilaration of the crowds.

The tossing of the bouquet is a part of the wedding tradition in most cultures all over the world. This is

to distinguish who will be the next bride-to-be, so they say. It is also fun to see who gets to catch the

flowers and what their reactions will be. If you are not in a hurry to get married, catching the bouquet

may not be a great idea. However, this is just part of the wedding tradition that is being followed up to

this very moment. It would still be your decision if you are ready to finally settle down, but having fun

during this phase of the wedding will be all worth it.

It is a privilege for someone to be invited to a wedding particularly in Patrishya and Shant’s wedding

because you will definitely love the way they ironed out every detail of the wedding reception. The

Convention Centre is absolutely perfect and has made Patrishya and Shant’s wedding extraordinary and

wonderful. With the elegant and luxurious look of their table setting, its magnificent designs can make

you feel as if you are in a dreamland. The beautifully arranged blooms alone are enough to make you

gape in amazement and incredulity. The exquisite look and the touch of sophistication of the place are

simply perfect for their wedding.

No one will ever forget how gorgeous Patrishya’s wedding cake was. The wedding cake is one of the

most important pieces in the wedding reception. Most brides make sure that their wedding cake is

made beautifully because it is the focal point in all receptions. In addition to this, wedding cakes

symbolize the fertility and good fortune of the couple. With Patrishya’s wedding cake, good fortune

could definitely be the prediction.

In some weddings, sweet treats should never be forgotten. The photo that showed the lollipop candy is

just one of the many sweets that are available for their guests’ taking. In Middle Eastern weddings,

sweets are being offered to the couple to represent their wishes and dreams. Usually, people use

almonds and give five pieces of it to the couple. This serves as their wishes for the couple to have a

happy and flourishing future together.

The sacred union of Patrishya and Shant not only blessed their relationship, but also the other people

who joined them as they unite themselves in holy matrimony. While some couples are happy to receive

gifts from their guests, Patrishya and Shant wanted something different, they encouraged their guests to

donate their monetary gift to one of the charities they love and support. Giving is better than receiving

that is what Patrishya and Shant believed in. They made sure that those in need will be a part of their

generosity and care. They are simply ecstatic to show that their special event can make a difference to

lee fortunate people. They truly are one of the most amazing and good-hearted couples to generously

think of other people’s sake over their own.

The sacredness of their wedding ceremony is also featured in their wedding photos, and same is true

with their wedding preparations. In wedding photos, the pre-wedding preparations, church photos and

first dance are one of the most important highlights. It is customary to capture all these and ensure that

every bits and pieces are documented by the lenses of the camera.

However, it is the couple united during the sacred ceremony who are the most significant characters in

the photo. The love they have for each other and their longing to finally be together is what’s more

important. Patrishya and Shant’s wedding showcased their love for each other in an amazing and

magnificent wedding; and surely, no one will ever forget this treasured and precious moment.


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