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Jamaica Destination Wedding Photography


The Caribbean Islands have been one of the favorite destinations of most couples who wants to have a romantic getaway. Who would not want to swim in the crystal clear waters of white sandy beaches, stay on affordable yet outstanding accommodations, savor the delectable dishes, and enjoy the breathtaking scenic spots as you breathe fresh air on your stay in any of the Caribbean Islands? Truly, every couple would dash their way to book a trip to the Caribbean Islands just to experience these things that cities lacks.


But for some couples, the Caribbean Islands is not just a haven for romantic vacations and pristine memories. It is also the perfect location for their destination wedding. And among the many Caribbean Islands that couples visit, Jamaica is the most popular wedding location.


Jamaica is the fourth largest island country in the Caribbean sea that offer visitors myriads of ways to enjoy their staycation. It is considered to be the perfect tropical vacation and wedding destination because of its amazing landscapes with cascading waterfalls, beautiful white sandy beaches, and mineral baths.


And with this wonderful offering this majestic Caribbean Island provides, it’s not surprising that Nazar and Amanda chose Jamaica for their destination wedding photography. So if you are planning to have a destination wedding photography in Jamaica, here are some Q&As that could help you in planning your own dream destination wedding and photography in Jamaica.


Q1: What makes Jamaica the perfect choice for a Caribbean destination wedding photography?


A: Unlike any other Caribbean Islands, Jamaica is a beautiful mixture of reef-lined beaches and lush topography of mountains and rainforests.


Climate: This island country has a pleasing tropical climate with hot and humid weather. However, some regions of Jamaica on the southern coast that includes the Pedro Plains and the Liguanea Plains has a relatively dry rain-shadow areas.


Where to stay: Jamaica has numerous all-inclusive resorts where you can celebrate your holy matrimony, capture wedding photos and enjoy an intimate but fun-filled vacation. Most of the hotels in Jamaica are near white sandy beaches with blue crystal water.


Popular attractions: If you want to relax with your family and friends, you can opt for hotels near the Montego Bay. There are also spots in Jamaica that includes Doctor’s Cave Beach  and Negril Beach that offers breathtaking sea views, relaxing spas and resorts as well as open restaurants and bar.


The favorable climate, the wonderful places to stay and visit are some of the factors that make wedding photography in Jamaica a good choice. It makes wedding photography more unique and special since the pictures are taken in places that are not you usually visit or see everyday.


Q2: Who are responsible for the guests’ destination wedding expenses?


A: Most couples who opt for destination wedding pay’s for the guests’ expenses from round trip ticket ride to hotel accommodations – the very reason why some destination weddings are mostly attended by intimate friends and family to minimize the budget. The airfare might be quite expensive, but when it comes to food and lodging, everything is affordable and reasonable. Paying the expenses for a destination wedding is considered as a wonderful gesture of the couples which guests will highly appreciate.


Q3: What’s are the best ways to incorporate a little of Jamaican culture if you don’t want a theme for your wedding?


A: Wedding planners recommends adding accents of the local or the certain region where your wedding will be held, which could be a flower or a regional drink and delectable dishes that everyone will enjoy. For a Jamaica wedding destination, you can give your guests with local dishes including cassava bread, jerk chicken, rum cake or curry shrimp at your reception.


Q4: What are the outdoor activities that your wedding guests can do while in Jamaica?


A: There are a plethora of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in Jamaica such as snorkeling, hiking, beaching, and horseback-riding. And to help your guests get better choices, you can give them an up-to-date travel guide of the area where your wedding will be held. You can also ask for hotel concierges that will give you and your guest’s ideas that can be done in the area.


Q5: Should I hire a local photographer in Jamaica or a Jamaica destination wedding photographer in my home country?


A: For you to be able to get the best wedding photographs for your special day, many wedding planners highly commends hiring a Jamaica destination wedding photographer in your home country. That is for the reason that it makes your wedding planning and preparation much easier. Wedding planners encourage their clients to bring with them their favorite wedding photographers to ensure that you will get nothing but the best wedding photos.


When you bring your favorite wedding photographer, you will have control on who will capture your photos, know the style and quality of the wedding photos that will be produced, and best of all, you and your family will surely be comfortable as your pictures were taken.


These might have been the contributing factors that have encouraged Nazar and Amanda

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