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  Oakview Terrence Wedding Photography and Videography

We met Pat and Natalie earlier this year, with a simple concept for their wedding. The whole day went by smoothly and we were able to capture some great moments through photos and the video footage during their wedding at Oakview Terrace. During the post production process, we frequently talked about Natalie’s blooming and enthusiastic smile, which she had on the whole day on her face. It really brightened the photos and added that extra radiance to each photograph, making it look even more amazing.

Traditional Chinese weddings require the groom to complete a set of challenges and games known as the “door games”. The idea that the groom must succeed as he enters the bride’s home in order to see her. The groom is not allowed to see the bride until he passes various tests and complete some fun tasks given by the bridesmaids. Natalie watched how Patrick completed his tasks through Facetime. After all the door games were finished, and Patrick was able to see his bride, went to Oakview Terrace in Richmond Hill for the ceremony.


The little roofed outdoor wooden chapel, the balcony and patio area, along with the peaceful lake that the entire garden is built by all help to make the wedding a success. Here are some of the photos that we took during their wedding at Oakview Terrace. Enjoy!


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