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Engagement album of Minh and Jimmy – a saga of love and romance

It’s autumn. The trees are showcasing a rich palette of colors. From brown to rust, orange to red, you can see a riot of colors around you. Amidst a beautiful garden, you have found a log just beneath one such tree. You sit there with your loved one by your side. It’s dreamy, I know but for Minh and Jimmy, it became a reality. Minh and Jimmy make a lovely couple who approached us to shoot their engagement album. After talking to them and understanding their romantic mood, we headed to Gairloch Garden, where autumn was in its full glory.

Both Minh and Jimmy wanted to shoot a romantic but simple album. They didn’t prefer drama in life. So, they chose simple casual outfits, Minh wore a flowing white dress with self-embroidery and Jimmy got into his favorite pair of jeans and t-shirt.

At the Gairloch Garden, we found plenty of spots to shoot our album. It has some breathtaking views which we used in our album to film the love story of our couple. We didn’t take the ring shots separately but focused on it in a few photos to highlight it.

You would find Minh and Jimmy sitting on the log, enjoying the beauty of nature, lying on the grass and kissing each other. They explored the place, and we followed them. The lake looked natural with all the stones strewn around it. At this spot Minh and Jimmy lingered for a while, soaking in the beauty of the place. We also stayed with them, capturing their emotions on camera. The place was very serene. The lake extended to the horizon, its water was home to many ducks which also came to visit the couple. Some of the best shots of this album are taken here. I like the one in which the couple’s reflection is seen in the shallow waters. There is another favorite shot of mine in which Minh and Jimmy are seen sitting on boulders with a solitary palm tree giving them company. The serenity of the shot, the love that exudes from it, you could look at it for hours without feeling bored.

Have you ever imagined a skeletal tree becoming an object of art? Look at the photos in which the couple is standing together under a barren tree. The shadows of its branches on the green grass uplift this otherwise subdued image. A bed of flowers beckoned Minh and Jimmy to rest for a while. While they lay on it, kissing and hugging, we ended the day’s shoot on a loving note.

It was such a nice experience shooting this engagement album. We wish Minh and Jimmy a world full of love, happiness, and warmth.

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Gairloch Garden, hamilton