Melissa & Andrew | Evergreen Brickworks Engagement Session

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Engagement album of Melissa and Andrew – a creative album with romantic undertones

Melissa and Andrew make a modern couple. They approached us to shoot an engagement album that they can use as a memoir. We found them simple, mature but romantic. They were clear about how they want the album to look – elegant, romantic but not mushy. We zeroed in on Evergreen Brickworks as the venue. Watch the album and leave your comments.

Romantic engagement album of a modern couple

As we said before, Melissa and Andrew are simple and sophisticated. They didn’t want to go over-the-top with their engagement photos. They chose outfits that matched the venue. Thus you would see Melissa wearing a tunic in gray and black with black trousers that accentuated her shape. The attire and the jewelry she chose for herself speak volumes about her taste and sense of fashion. She looked so cool in that outfit. Coming to Andrew, he is handsome, well-built with sharp features. He also chose to go off the route and chose a breast coat over a white shirt. We must say he looked dashing in that outfit. Together, they rocked.

Melissa and Andrew know each other for several years and are good friends. Their chemistry is apparent in all the Evergreen Brickworks engagement photos.

Since it is an engagement shooting, we decided to open it with an intimate scene. The couple agreed to our request and kissed before the camera. The gray sky, grayish background went well with the outfits. With the focus on the engagement ring, we captured the couple in a few intimate poses.

We found an interesting wall through which roots of a tree protruded out. It made a lovely backdrop for our couple. We thought of adding a few props. The chairs in bright red and fuchsia added a pop of colors to the shots. Melissa has a bright and warm smile. Why didn’t we notice it before? We focused our lens on her smile and captured a few lovely snaps. As they explored the place we also followed them, clicking pictures. We must say the unusual looks of our venue made the pictures exclusive.

Suddenly Melissa decided to get playful. She smiled, kissed Andrew on his cheeks and showed off her romantic side. We were more than happy when she dropped her guard and allowed us to create a few immortal shots with our camera.

We couldn’t decide how to take the ring shots. A vintage, colorful brick, and a twig solved our problem. I can bet never before you have seen such props in any ring shot.

We were lucky to get a chance to be creative with the engagement photos of Melissa and Andrew. We hope you have enjoyed them too.

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