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Downtown Toronto Engagement Photography


They say opposites attract. Well, although Maggie and Jay do not have totally contrasting characters, their slight differences in personalities definitely complemented each other very well.

A bright and bubbly girl, Maggie always had a special smile for Jay. While Jay appeared more calm and cool, Maggie’s smiles and enthusiasm were always received with affection and reassurance. Both young with earnest attitudes, Maggie and Jay decided to display their true selves in this engagement session.

The photoshoot started in University of Toronto. For this stately location, the couple chose semiformal outfits with a slight twist. As Jay looked smart in a light blue dress shirt with jeans, our Toronto engagement photographer was pleasantly surprised to see Maggie clad in a see-through blue blouse! Wandering around the campus, we managed to capture many different sides of this couple. Them holding each other fondly, Maggie blowing kisses to a smiling Jay, or both of them having a moment of romantic fun in the library; although different forms of interaction were seen, the element of youth and freshness could always be felt.

Later in the day, we moved to downtown Toronto, where the couple changed into more casual outfits. Downtown Toronto had always been a popular area for both wedding and engagement photos Toronto, and this couple graced the scenic locations with their joyful energy, reflected in every glance and shared kiss. Their bright attires certainly added a lovely pop of colour in every photo too!

Towards the end of the day, we could definitely say that we had a lot of fun with this charming young couple. We now couldn’t wait to see them again during their wedding day!




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