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Markham Event Centre Wedding Videography

Kalcy and Charlie had their winter wedding in Toronto. The snowy streets and glistening houses were the backdrop for their wedding. Just like any traditional Chinese ceremony, the day started off with some door games held at the bride’s house. Charlie and his grooms men had to successfully comply and finish all the games required in order for him to see his bride. Some of the games including some push ups, blindfolded men and lipstick, a bit of dancing and of course laughter and cheers to top it all off. As soon as Charlie was able to see Kalcy, he knew that all of this was worthwhile.

After the door games were finished, we headed to Main Street Unionville for a photo session before the ceremony. Although it was a bit chilly, and the snow was all around us the wedding party kept their smiles and enjoyed the session. We captured some great photos of both Kalcy and Charlie. The wedding party looked amazing in their tuxedos, purple dresses and wedding gown. The couple seemed like they were enveloped in a winter wonderland for their winter wedding in Toronto.

We arrived at Markham Event Centre for both the ceremony and the accompanying reception. Markham Event Centre is located at 95 Duffield Drive, Markham Ontario. We found the location to be very spacious for the couples’ friends and family to be catered to comfortably. The grand and luxurious hall was adorned with purple accents and even had a great arch to accent the wedding. The reception area had a wide ballroom space where all the guests, including Kalcy and Charlie enjoyed dancing. We even witnessed the couple present a choreographed piece which we all enjoyed. The atmosphere was definitely lively and included games which everyone was entertained by. One of them requiring Charlie to be blind folded and attempt to identify which one of the other guests was Kalcy by touching them. Charlie was successful, and they all just grooved, laughed, and danced the night away. It wad definitely an absolute winter wedding

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