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Scarborough Convention Centre Wedding Photography


There are many types of weddings that our wedding photographers had seen: romantic, emotional, merry, you name them. In Julia and Joseph’s wedding, there was a slightly different feel: a sense of fresh, young energy that was constantly present, perking our crew up immensely and keeping our energy levels up high throughout the whole day.


Julia and Joseph’s wedding represented the perfect blend of traditional and modern cultures. The couple started off the day by a lively photography session with their bridal party, a group of tight-knit friends who were ever ready to join in some fun. Julia, not afraid to be different, even had a close guy friend as her ‘bridesmaid’!


This bunch of cronies seemed to be up for anything, be it animated jump shots, sweet loving pictures, or even quirky expressions and poses, whatever ideas that our wedding photographers came up with, they just complied with eager readiness. Not only was the entire session totally smooth sailing, it was conducted amidst lots of laughter and amusement, the atmosphere of which reflected the couple’s personalities immaculately.


Later in the day, we proceeded to the wedding reception at Scarborough Convention Centre, an elegant venue boasting tasteful designs and delectable cuisines. The night was kick-started by spirited entrances from the amazing bridal party, followed by an adorable announcement of the couple’s entrance by a group of flower children. Julia and Joseph appeared in style, with the bride dressed in a lovely strapless gown that complemented the groom’s dapper black tux and bow tie perfectly.


The celebration never stopped throughout the whole night, and there was even a boisterous lion dance performance that not only captured everyone’s attention, but also added a hint of Chinese traditions into this unique occasion. A day filled with endless laughter and classy elegance, we believe Julia and Joseph had set the tone perfectly for the rest of their lives together.

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