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Langdon Hall Wedding Photos

Wedding of Jerry and Shan – an affair hard to forget

We were back to our favorite place, the Langdon Hall but this time with Jerry and Shan to celebrate their wedding. It was fall and we were elated to see the meadows adorned in multiple hues. You would love to see these pictures. Of course, Jerry and Shan added glamor to the shots. Check out their Toronto wedding album to find out how we enjoyed the day.

The Langdon Hall wedding of Jerry and Shan

As an expert painter, nature played with colors and painted the trees and gardens in bright hues of orange, red, brown, and yellow. We asked Jerry and Shan to walk around and took photographs. It was an enchanting feeling to witness their love against the colorful backdrop of nature. These photos seem so ethereal, so dreamy that you can spend hours looking at them. They roamed around the estate, stopping at beautiful locations and we followed them with our camera. You can see the result and let us know how you like these photos.

Back to the real world. Jerry and Shan love humor. Their friends found innovative games to make the wedding super special for them. Thus, we found the girls making the boys fight with chopsticks and create love messages out of half-eaten pieces of cookies. Everybody was in splits by the look on the groom and groomsmen’s face. However, the men fought bravely and completed all the tasks, amidst a lot of laughter and teasing. We have witnessed all these funny moments and captured them for you to see.

In the wedding hall, the scene was a little different. With the colorful nature in the background, the wedding venue looked bright and serene.

The bride and the groom got serious once the customs started. They took the wedding vows, sought the blessing of the elders and kissed each other to seal the holy union.

A tale of romance and love

The wedding reception was decorated romantically. Blue and gray created a smart look for the reception. From the cake to the decoration, everything proclaimed how much Shan loves Jerry.

The friends of the couple were there to make everyone laugh with their wedding speeches. Amidst all the laughter and fun, Shan and Jerry cut their wedding cake. The parents were present to bless their kids. While Shan’s father danced with Jerry, her mother gave Shan company on the dance floor. There were more games in the reception that kept everybody engaged. The newlywed couple and the friends had a lovely time.

We wish Shan and Jerry enjoy their life and spend each day in love and laughter.

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