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Every couple wants an absolutely memorable engagement that will truly be a wondrous and romantic tale to tell their children and grandchildren. Planning for the announcement of the engagement is as mind-numbing and crucial as planning the actual wedding because of the complex and multifaceted aspects, and every small detail should be given focus and attention. The engagement photography is one of the essentials that needs to be well-thought of because, one thing’s for sure, every couple wants a perfect engagement photo collection to depict their undying love and lifetime commitment to each other.

A lot of choices and decisions has to be made, and this only concerns the engagement photography. Some of the most important decisions and choices for when organizing an engagement photography is deciding on the concept or the theme. Having decided on what the engagement photography motif would be, the next big step would be to choose the best engagement photography style that suits the couple’s distinctive taste and preference perfectly. After having made all these choices, it’s just about time to make a selection of the best Toronto engagement photographer who would capture every breathtaking part of the romantic love story.

On the other hand, finding an engagement photography in Toronto is not an easy task because of the vast choices, and choosing the best and superb of all would be like finding a diamond amongst all other semi-precious stones. The key to finding exceptional photographers is to dig into their portfolios and of course ensuring that they have cutting-edge talent and exceptional skills in the performance of their craft.

Another significant undertaking is to find the perfect location or spot to capture each sweet, exhilarating and breathtaking moment as the couple spends time relishing and savoring their engagement. One of the best pick and favorites of most couples is the Niagara Falls because of its splendid picturesque and romantic atmosphere that brings out the best in all couples who would prefer to have their engagement photography sessions in this amazing haven of romance.

There is something in Niagara Falls that made jasmine and Gaosong’s hearts soar with amazement which is why they chose it as the perfect location for their engagement photography sessions. Niagara Falls is actually a collection of 3 incredible waterfalls which are the Horseshoe Falls, the American falls and the Bridal Veil Falls; these are the highlights of the place which makes it enchantingly astounding. The balance of refreshing clean air and exquisitely beautiful landscapes would make anyone and everyone fall in love.

It might have been really a special day for Gaosong and jasmine as they arrive at their engagement photography destination in their black and shiny Mercedes Benz car. The couple really looked awesome in their coordinated clothes. Such a cute and adorable couple with those eyes gleaming with love and excitement as their wedding day becomes nearer and nearer each day.

The simple pose as Gaosong and jasmine stood back-to-back among the lavender blooms is just so fascinating. The view highlighted their quirky and gorgeous smiles. While still wearing their blue shirt and brown pants as they looked at each other with delight while sitting in a sort of window sill with wild vines covering the walls was simply dazzling. Even their footwear complemented each other even when jasmine wore a pink one and Gaosong wore red.

It’s just so romantic seeing jasmine sat beside Gaosong on an attractive old fountain while they enjoy the views and the breeze from the splendid garden. The couple may look really simple but, arching their arms and hands to create a heart shaped image in one of their poses make them a bit more playful. It’s truly amazing what Gaosong can do just to show his love for jasmine; he even carried her on his shoulders while both makes a more fun-filled and wacky pose for the engagement photos.

There will absolutely not be a dull moment for these two lovebirds especially when they start to get comfortable and loosen up to make naughty poses. One of the craziest photographs is when they posed and made faces as they smile at each other, Gaosong even stuck out his tongue to make jasmine smile.

Changing into their wedding suit and gown would make the poses a little more thought-provoking. The engagement photographer did a really exceptional job conceptualizing the pose of the couple as they sat in front of the doorstep of a grand hall. Gaosong looked really handsome in his gray suit and jasmine looked really stunning in her wedding dress. The couple really enjoyed every moment of the pictorial as they make their fabulous and magnificent poses in the gazebo in the middle of the garden. The way they smiled and looked at each other with heartwarming affection is what makes everything superb and splendid.

The old well where they sat in one of the photos gave the engagement photo a dramatic touch. It’s as if the couples are making their wishes to make each and every waking moment after their wedding a really happy and blissful one. The color of Gaosong’s suit really made him a lot more gorgeous. With the romance that can be felt just by looking at the photos, the old well will just be a silent witness of their love.

Aside from the other engagement photos in their collection, the black and white photos where they wore their casual clothes are kind of dramatic and really eye-catching. Both made fascinating and charming poses with the city lights as their background. Sitting by the sea and feeling the cool breeze and the perfect touch of lighting really made the photos absolutely exquisite and heartwarming. What would captivate everyone will be their black and white photo as they hug each other on the deck with the ocean, the sky and the city as their perfect backdrop. All these amazing collections of engagement photos will really melt everyone’s heart and fall in love with Niagara Falls.


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