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Casa Loma Wedding Photography

I love to shoot Asian weddings. The rich colors, age-old traditions, strong emotions and luxurious decorations make them so memorable. As wedding photographers, we don’t have to look out for beautiful shots. The shots are naturally created; we just need to capture them. The same thing happened in the Casa Loma wedding of Ivy and Yong too.


We began our wedding album with a usual shot of the wedding dresses of the bridesmaids. However, the pop of red color made the frame come alive. We didn’t want to lose time and so here is a photo of the bride helping her father to get ready. Look at them embracing each other. Doesn’t it bring tears to your eyes?

A few games were played with the groom before everybody headed for the wedding. The tea ceremony was performed too. The vintage car that drove the bride to the venue became a unique prop for us. We used it to take a few intimate photos of the soon-to-be-wed couple.

We found the library with its wooden decorations classic enough to be used as a background. A photo shoot occurred here with the bride in her off-shoulder white gown and the groom in his dark blue suit.

Along with bridesmaids and groomsmen, we shot several funny photos here that would be always cherished by them. The men showed their funny side by posing for us. With their colorful socks and hilarious expressions, shooting the wedding became fun for us.

It’s time to give Casa Loma its due footage. The gothic style building with its imposing walls and towers inspired us to get creative. We shot the bride and the groom against its walls and towers. My particular favorite is a shot that captured the couple with the building at the backdrop along with the thick foliage. The shot is straight out of a Disney movie. It’s so perfect, surreal. We could not resist but take a few shots to depict the glory of Casa Loma.

We had to control ourselves and get back to business. We headed to the wedding hall. After all the rituals were performed it was time to party. The reception with the white chairs, chandeliers and colorful cards and potted plants as table decorations looked so luxurious. There was a touch of class in everything and we have tried our best to capture them. Funny wedding speeches, friendly banter, music and good food marked the night. The chandeliers created a dreamy atmosphere in which Yong and Ivy danced.

We hope that like the soft glow of the candles, the lives of Yong and Ivy are filled with love and happiness.

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