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markham event centre wedding photography


Wedding photos are some of the best sets of photos that you can stare at. Each and every

photo gives off a certain emotion. The photos from a wedding photo shoot can be powerful

enough to move hearts, and make viewers cry or have a sweet smile. Without a doubt, wedding

photos and video footages preserve all the significant happenings during the wedding while

giving importance to the small details. That’s the main reason why a wedding (and other special

events) wouldn’t be complete without the presence of professional photographers and



When we first saw the photos taken during the gorgeous and dazzling Markham Event

Centre wedding of Isabel and Mike, we can’t stop ourselves from swooning over the lovely

shots. The wedding is celebrated in one of the most sought after events places in the heart of

Downtown Markham in Ontario, Canada. To make the wedding, even more, special, Isabel and

Mike chose Focus Production to take the photos during the whole event. The photos radiate the

positive aura of love, happiness, and contentment. Every shot looks magical and the moments are

beyond priceless. Every aspect of Isabel and Mike’s wedding looks like a scene from a fairy tale.

If you want to indulge yourself with love and creativity, Isabel and Mike’s wedding

photo will unleash your inner desire to attend weddings and enjoy the love not just during the

ceremony but even in the reception after it.


Do you want to know what makes Isabel and Mike’s wedding extra special?

Generally, a wedding celebration is special not just for the couple but also for their loved

ones. This is the right time to celebrate and commemorate all the ups and downs that the couples

experienced in the past. And this is the celebration of the union of two hearts and souls.

Weddings are considered as a divine celebration between the bride and groom. Of course, to

make the wedding celebration more special, the couple invites the closest person in their heart to

witness a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of love.


During the wedding celebration of Isabel and Mike, there are a lot of things that makes it

extra special. Here are some of the facts that make Isabel and Mike’s wedding so much better.

 Isabel and Mike were both Asians. So, they share common culture and tradition. Because

of this, it became easier for them to choose a theme and motif that will conform to their

culture, tradition and religion.


 Isabel and Mike showed how to properly incorporate religion and tradition into a modern

and timeless wedding theme. Isabel and Mike’s wedding have shown grandeur and

timeless ensembles combined.


 Instead of keeping the overall theme and motif simple, Isabel and Mike made sure to add

a touch of playfulness to it. The best way to achieve the playful goal is to have various

Lego-inspired decorations and embellishments.


 Focus Production proved that they can make even the simplest wedding into a top notch

masterpiece that can wow each and every person who will saw the photos. One of the

most important ingredients of a wedding is the photos and video footages. The photos

and videos are the only things that are left when all the cakes were eaten, the guests have

left, and the decorations were removed.


 Isabel and Mike’s wedding are a celebration of intimacy and love between them and the

nearest and dearest people in their lives. The wedding was attended by selected family

members or relatives, friends, and colleagues. Isabel and Mike’s privacy are kept at bay

because they chose to limit the wedding ceremony with the closest members of their



What makes Markham Event Centre the perfect location for Isabel and Mike’s wedding?

The province of Ontario is blessed with numerous location and destination suitable for

special events like weddings. Almost every street has an events place which can serve as a

wedding reception. The places like the Toronto Wedding Chapel, The Lakeview Hamilton,

Whistle Bear Golf Club Cambridge, Ancaster Mill, Cambridge Mill, Idlewyld Inn, St. George’s

Golf and Country Club, Deer Creek Golf & Banquet Facility, Chop Burloak at the Sandman

Hotel, Red Spoon Restaurant, Harmony Creek Golf Course, Crystal Grand Banquet Hall, Stone

Willow Inn, Angels Wee Wedding Chapel, Whitchurch-Stouffville Museum & Community

Center, and Cambium Farms are some of the most sought after destinations for wedding in



The Markham Event Centre can also be considered as a much-coveted location for

special occasions. Isabel and Mike chose the Markham Event Centre because it has a certain

amount charm that lies in its halls and architectural appearance. Aside from that, Isabel and Mike

decided to choose the Markham Event Centre because of its simple yet classical appeal. The

rooms and halls are easy to decorate and it can easily match with the themes and motifs of any

wedding. No wonder Isabel and Mike chose the Markham Event Centre to be the venue for their

special wedding.


What makes the theme and motif of the wedding stand out from the rest?

The theme and motif used in the venue include lots of purple-colored decorations, white

and silver embellishments, and a touch of fun and quirky Lego-inspired cakes and balloons.

Truly, the Lego-inspired embellishments used in the venue made the whole theme look

hilariously fun and exciting.


And of course, as a couple who share the same religion and tradition, Isabel and Mike

never failed to incorporate religious embellishments to complete their wedding theme and motif.

To tell you frankly, Isabel and Mike’s love for their culture and tradition made them a better



By seeing the photos taken by Focus Production on the wedding day of Isabel and Mike,

we can already conclude that each and every guest enjoyed the fun and playful decorations all

over the halls. The guests showed their contagious smiles as they stare at the newlyweds.

Everything seemed hilarious and incredible because of the photography prowess of Focus


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