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Guildwood Park Pre Wedding Photography


When two people finally decided to get married and tie the knot, they should be aware of the things

they have to accomplish before the big day. Such preparations include the venue, flowers, reception,

videographer, photographer and a lot more. The list to be planned would seem endless and really

challenging. With everything that the couple needs to attend to, they often set aside the importance of

having a pre-wedding photography session. Many would reason out that instead of having a prenuptial

pictorial they would prefer to have candid moments taken from their actual wedding without even

thinking of their own photo as a couple.

People might not realize it, but having a wedding portrait is as important as the wedding video, given

the fact that this is their chance to experience professional photo shoot while telling the story of your

love. This is also a fun time for them to know their photographer before the big day, this way they can

feel more at ease when they are being photographed during their wedding. Aside from that, pre-nuptial

photography is the best time for them to choose the most beautiful locations they could ever think off

for the perfect wedding photographs.

As a matter of fact, pre-wedding photography has been popularly generated in Asia. Pre-wedding

photography is a huge and lucrative custom followed by Chinese couples because they often choose to

go overseas just for their wedding photos. Most of these prenuptial photos are taken on well-known

landmarks and could take days or even weeks before they head back home. They literally have to travel

to different locations as the couple pleases. Unlike with engagement photography, pre-wedding photo

allows the couple to wear their wedding outfits to showcase their exact look on their wedding day.

With pre-wedding photography done out of the country, couples have endless options in terms of

location and breathtaking views. So, for those couple looking for a historic, fun, unique and artistic

venue, here are some of the great places they can choose from if they plan to have their prenuptial

photo sessions in Toronto, Canada.

Their first location of choice would be the Guildwood Park or more popularly called as The Graveyard

for lost buildings. This is a gorgeous sculptural sanctuary with breathtaking gardens located in

Scarborough Bluff. The place has a very interesting history that mostly reflects some of the famous

artists such as Rosa Breithaupt Hewetson and Spencer Clark who are known as the patrons of arts and


With its great contribution to the art industry, this has been the most favorite spot for couples for their

wedding photo shoot. However, due to the historical value and sentimentality of the place, the park is

not open for wedding ceremonies. On the other hand, wedding photography with proper permits is

allowed in this location. With the park open for wedding pictorials, couples who want the park as their

wedding venue is still given the opportunity to have their pictures taken with all the historic structures

such as the big bear for nature lovers and many different building ruins as their photo’s backdrop. This

would definitely make the photos fascinating and attractive to the viewers.

The Second best location would be the Ripley’s Aquarium. This is a public aquarium located in Toronto,

Ontario, Canada. This is said to be one of the three aquariums owned by the Ripley Entertainment. This

huge place features several aquatic exhibits which include a walk-through tank. The tank is filled with

5.7 million liters of freshwater habitats from all across the globe. Their marine exhibits are composed of

13,500 foreign freshwater and sea water species.

With Ripley’s offering the “taste of the sea” feel, many couples have chosen the place for their

prenuptial photos. Because the place is really incredible and very unique, who would not think and

consider having a photo shoot with an underwater setting as their background. For couples with a great

sense of adventure and creativity, having the marine creature as a backdrop photo would be perfect

because it is absolutely mesmerizing. Couples would also have a great time as they explore the area

during their session breaks. Aside from having a fabulous time, the end products of the photography

session are really colorful because the marine animals swimming on their background brings realistic

and amazing effects on all the photos. Anyone who will see the photos will be very entertained and

thrilled to explore the place themselves.

For those couples who are not satisfied with just a wedding photography, they could reserve the place

for their actual wedding venue because Ripley’s accommodate different events like weddings, birthdays,

engagements and more. So, celebrate the most special day and momentous events with friends and

family with an underwater adventure experience.

Aside from the two places indicated above, The University of Toronto has also been on top of the list for

being one of the best pre-wedding photography session spots in Canada. Although it is known to be the

center for public research technology, it has made its mark for contributing in the history of medicine

when they discovered Insulin and the Stem Cell technology. They also increased their popularity due to

the wedded couples who chose the place as a venue for their destination wedding. The university is

divided into different structures; one particular structure has captured people’s attention; The Hart

House. It has been known to all people because it facilitates weddings, reception and other special

events hand-in-hand with their restaurants.

With the fact that the venue has great facilities, the Hart House’s great Gothic structure looks really

exquisite on wedding photos. It makes every photo unique in different angles. Most of the prenuptial

wedding photos that took place at the University are mostly done outdoors because the outdoor

gardens and its views are really fascinating, everything is well-maintained and still in their best shape.

Maybe those are the reasons why the majority of couples who are out for their pre-wedding

photography have listed it as one of their best options. The surroundings of the place are not only

historical, but it has the perfect scenery for romance as if they traveled through time and went back to

the past. Couples having their photo shoots at this amazing and wondrous place will not only enjoy the

great structural views, but they would also enjoy some extra time alone while exploring the environs.

Although we have provided some places perfect for a destination wedding, everything is still up to the

couple because they are the ones who will surely reap the benefits. They can keep their photos for a

very long time. In fact, they can still share it with their children and grandchildren as they narrate their

love story. The pre-wedding photos are possible if they hire a professional well-experienced wedding

photographer who will capture all their romantic moments. So, for those couples still planning for their

wedding, do not think twice in adding pre-nuptial photography in the wedding budget because the end

results would be all worth it.

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