Giana & Ricky | Liberty Village Engagement Photography

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 Liberty Village Engagement Photography

Giana and Ricky wanted to have a European traveller theme for their engagement session, so we thought that a Liberty Village engagement photography session would be the ideal for them. Located in downtown Toronto, Liberty Village offers that quiet and intimate neighbourhood in contrast with the busy streets of the city. We found an area that had a vintage, classy and chic atmosphere that the couple aspired for. The concrete beauty found in the historic buildings and pathways really added that ‘small town in Europe’ feel. We were fortunate enough to have several props to truly bring their vision to life. We found a mini cooper that the couples enjoyed posing with, an old briefcase and a map. The weather was also great for the session, making it easier for us to capture great moments outdoors. Both Giana and Ricky wore charming outfits that really highlighted and enriched their photos. Giana’s red shoes along with her dress and Ricky’s blushing red dress shirt really complemented one another. We were glad to help them in pursuing their European Traveller themed session, without needing to get on a plane and leave the country. Liberty Village became that hidden gem for them to turn their vision into reality. It was a great session and we are excited to see what Giana and Ricky have planned for their wedding day.

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