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Markham Pre Wedding Photography


Markham-Unionville is a federal district located in Ontario, Canada. The Markham-

Unionville is the home of unique cultural attractions with award-winning heritage districts that

perfectly fits a sweet and unforgettable pre-wedding photo shoot. Gary and Lulu reside in

Canada, thus, they opt to choose a place that is locally situated in a nearby area where they live.

Gary and Lulu are lucky enough because Markham-Unionville is the home of amazing

places that will work perfectly as a backdrop for a pre-wedding photo shoot. Gary and Lulu

chose different areas in Markham-Unionville as the location for their much-coveted pre-wedding

photo shoot. To make the pre-wedding photo shoot of Gary and Lulu outstanding and amazing;

they hire Toronto’s best photography team- Focus Production.


The establishments located in Markham-Unionville are built by architecture

connoisseurs. Thus, the exteriors work best as a great backdrop for pre-wedding photos. The pre-

wedding photo shoot of Gary and Lulu becomes even greater because the weather cooperates

very well. As a result, the photos and outputs look more stunning.

Why did Gary and Lulu choose to have a pre-wedding photo shoot?


In the past few years, pre-wedding photo shoots are becoming more and more popular.


No wonder because it provides the following benefits:

 A pre-wedding photo shoot can help to eliminate the nervousness of the couple when

projecting in front of the camera.

 The photos from the pre-wedding photo shoot can be used in making invitations, save-

the-date cards, and guestbook.

 A pre-wedding photo shoot can help the photographer to be familiar with the poses and

preferences of the couples.

 Having a pre-wedding photo shoot can also help the bride to check whether the hair and

makeup look is suitable or not.

 A pre-wedding photo shoot can help the couple to cherish another chapter in their lives.

 The pre-wedding photo shoot can help the couple to determine the poses that look good

in the lenses of the camera.

When it comes to the pre-wedding photo shoot of Gary and Lulu, they chose to have a

pre-wedding photo shoot as a part of the wedding preparation. It serves as a day off from the

time-consuming days for the wedding preparation. They also chose to have a pre-wedding photo

shoot because they want to visit the church where the wedding ceremony will be held. In

addition, they want to have a hassle-free photo shoot that is almost impossible during the

wedding day. Gary and Lulu knew that the wedding day will be filled with hilarious moments on

its own. So, they want to have a separate day when they can pose in front of the camera without

worrying about the flow of the program and the guests.


The Outfits worn by Gary and Lulu during the Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Lulu and Gary wore two kinds of outfit during the pre-wedding photo shoot. Both Lulu

and Gary rocked their wedding outfits with glam and sophistication. Lulu looked elegantly

beautiful with her wedding gowns while Gary posed with his manly physique which he

considered as his asset.


In the first sets of photos, Lulu wore an enchanting beige sweetheart cocktail dress

embellished with a sheer skirt. She matched it with a pair of high-heels in beige. To complete her

look, Lulu wore a flower fascinator in her head. Lulu’s makeup look is simple and elegant. It

helps to enhance Lulu’s beautiful facial features. She also achieved the bridal glow that every

woman aims to have during special events like the wedding and pre-wedding.


The other set of a photo shows Lulu wearing a white, fluffy, and glamorous wedding.

Lulu looks so beautiful wearing her white gown that is similar to the gown that she will wear in

the actual wedding. Truly, Lulu’s beauty is significantly noticeable in each and every photo.


On the other hand, Gary opts to wear the traditional suit and tie that makes him look even

more handsome. He chose a black suit and tie combo that flatters his physique. As Lulu stares at

his handsome husband, her stare shows how she loves him so much and vice versa.


Without a doubt, Lulu and Gary look totally perfect for each other. Just by seeing the

photos taken during the pre-wedding shoot, everyone can clearly conclude that Lulu and Gary is

a match made in heaven to be together forever. Their sweetness and chemistry in front of the

camera resemble their love and care for each other.

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