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 Ever Green Brick Works Engagement Photography


Engagement is the part of a relationship when the couple made an official promise to tie

the knot anytime soon. It is a fun and exciting period cherished by the groom-to-be and the bride-

to-be which starts when he finally popped the magic question “will you marry me”. And the

engagement will successfully take place once she said the most sought after “yes” as the answer.

The period of engagement can be quite stressful. Both parties have to settle different

things to make the wedding special. The couple has to prepare an engagement party or

celebration, wedding party (if you want one), reserve the date and venue, start the guest list, book

an officiant or priest, meet the caterers, purchase a dress, suit, and other accessories, hire a

photographer and videographer, hire a hair and makeup artist, select and order the cake, finalize

the menu and the list goes on and on. The process of planning for a wedding might take up to

weeks or months depending on the preference of the couple.


Even though most of the couples are busy in preparing a bunch of stuff to make the

wedding event worthwhile, the engagement period must be filled with fun and hilarious moment

that has to be enjoyed by the groom-to-be and the bride-to-be. One way to make the engagement

period enjoyable is by having a prenuptial photo shoot.


For a couple like Emil and Elizabeth, they want to make their engagement an exciting

and memorable moment without going overboard. To tell you frankly, the simplistic approach of

the couple is what makes the whole engagement photo shoot a top notch. The moment you see

the photos of this lovely couple, you will truly feel that love is in the air.

Emil and Elizabeth is a match made in heaven. Here’s why

Elizabeth is a simple and blooming bride-to-be who can instantly make any room brighter

with her glorious and fascinating smile. Her blonde crowning glory that shines make her look

like an angel sent from heaven to make Emil’s heart bloom as well. Aside from her long and

luscious locks, Elizabeth’s gaze is powerful and expressive to catch everyone’s attention. Just by

seeing Elizabeth, for sure, no one will wonder how she captivated Emil’s heart. And there’s

another thing that I am sure about- Emil will surely love Elizabeth not just because of her looks,

but because of her kind and loving heart.


In addition to Elizabeth’s lovely features, her smile offers the significant feeling that her

partner truly enjoys. Whenever she sees or is near with her significant other, her eyes and smile

talks without the needs to utter any word or phrase. Elizabeth’s aura is truly uplifting. She is the

epitome of a perfect bride-to-be.


On the other hand, Emil’s masculine physique perfectly fits the true definition of a prince

from a fairytale. Just like Elizabeth, Emil’s features are very expressive. For instance, his eyes

speak a thousand feelings for his lovely fiancée. The moment that you see how Emil stares to

Elizabeth, you can already conclude that he is so much in love with his gorgeously beautiful



Emil and Elizabeth’s Engagement Photo Shoot Motif

Just like what was mentioned above, Emil and Elizabeth focus on a simple and effortless

motif that brings out something magical and fantastic. The engagement photo shoot took place in

the Evergreen Brick Works. The Evergreen Brick Works is a dynamic public space which was

transformed from being a collection of deteriorated heritage buildings into a global showcase of

urban sustainability and green designs. Moreover, the Evergreen Brick Works has already

established its name because the area was chosen as one of the top 10 geo-tourism locations in

the world. The recognition was given by the National Geographic.


The Evergreen Brick Works isn’t just perfect for educational tours. It is also suitable for

romantic events like the engagement photo shoot of Emil and Elizabeth. It’s true that Evergreen

Brick Works is a simple and not-so-fascinating place for a romantic engagement photo shoot.

But, when Emil and Elizabeth started to pose in front of the camera, the whole area transformed

itself as if it is the perfect place for each and every engagement. The Evergreen Brick Works

turned into a haven for love and romance as soon as the first photo of Emil and Elizabeth was

To make the engagement photo shoot simpler, the couple opts to wear simple white

clothing. Elizabeth wore a simple white knitted dress paired with flat sandals. Her dress

emphasizes her figure and stance. While Emil rocks his straightforward outfit with his manly yet

gentle gestures towards his beautiful fiancée. As Emil and Elizabeth posed in front of the

camera, it makes me wonder whether they are professional models or not. Because as I can see

with this prints and outputs, this couple made it a top notch engagement photo shoot. Both Emil

and Elizabeth make each and every photo whimsical and lovely. This couple filled the air with

chemistry and romance.


Elizabeth and Emil walked down the streets of the Evergreen Brick Works as if it was

just a usual day for a date. The two smiles in front of the camera while looking effortlessly

perfect for each other. The photos of Emil and Elizabeth were taken in the different areas in

Evergreen Brick Works. The luscious green background made the photos more intense and



The Quirky Props Used by Emil and Elizabeth during the Engagement Photo Shoot

Since Emil and Elizabeth are roaming around the Evergreen Brick Works, they use

different props to make the engagement photo shoot so much better. The props they used are a

balloon, bricks painted with a smiley, and a wedding bouquet. Truly, this couple wants to

emphasize the simplicity of the overall theme.


Emil and Elizabeth want their love for each other the centerpiece of the engagement

wedding photos. Well, they succeed! The whole set of engagement photos taken that day give off

romantic vibes that will make everyone swoon over.