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One King West Wedding Photos

Wedding in Downtown Toronto One King West

It was a grand occasion. Deborah and Fabio were getting married and they chose the One King West as their wedding venue. The place was royally decorated as is evident from the first shot. With the musicians on the background, the couple danced to a romantic number while the purple and yellow lights added to the glitz. Dreamy sequence, right? Let’s look at their Toronto wedding video and photos and find out more about them.

Deborah and Fabio – a romantic couple

Deborah and Fabio are romantic and modern. They planned their wedding well in advance and chose a good location to host it. They celebrated their holy union along with their friends and family members. To show how popular their photos became, we have shared the Instagram photos on our page.

For the wedding, Deborah chose to wear a white flowing gown. She tied her hair neatly in a bun to highlight her facial features. The bejeweled hairpins added to her glamour quotient. On the other hand, Fabio wore a formal blue suit, complete with a bow tie.

The royal wedding at the One King West

The evening was a magical one. We couldn’t get over the first dance set in the magical atmosphere. Thus, we took several photos of the event. The snaps rightly capture the love and passion the couple feels for each other. You can also see the wedding cake here, huge and creamy, beautifully decorated.

Let’s have a flashback now. The day saw Deborah and Fabio getting ready for the wedding and having a nice time with their friends. We took the customary shots of the wedding dress. However, the presence of the beautiful picture on the wall, made the shots come alive. We filmed the accessories uniquely. The shoes were put inside a glass jar while the rings and the earrings were shot separately.

Once Deborah was ready in her gown and veil, she stole the show. Her friends couldn’t stop praising her looks. The bridesmaids were decked up elegantly in pink dresses.

Check out all the shots of the wedding and let us know how you like them. In the video, we have used light and fast music to get in sync with the mood of the couple. We have captured how the ladies had fun.

Deborah walked down the aisle, accompanied by her parents. Fabio was visibly bowled over by her looks. We have captured the scenes when the couple got together for some private moments.

A lot of fun and banter happened at the wedding. However, the day was marked by the emotions that overwhelmed the people. We hope Fabio and Deborah continue to love each other and fill each day with happiness and joy.




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