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Five Reasons Why you should Have a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Love is one of the most important ingredients of a happy, blissful, and successful

relationship. Love is more than just the emotion that a person feels for his or her significant

other. Love is a feeling which includes other emotions such as affection, care, kindness,

understanding, compassion, concern, and more. Love is a compilation of positive feelings

combined to make a person feel complete and contented. To tell you frankly, the world revolves

around different types of love and one of the many ways to show your love for someone is to get

Marrying your significant other is a thrilling yet exciting moment. Planning for the

wedding ceremony itself can be daunting because of the stuff that needs to be prepared. But, the

fruits of the efforts made to have an unforgettable wedding are truly rewarding and satisfying. A

wedding that is celebrated with love can result to a moment that will be cherished forever.

In this age and years, more and more couples opt to have a pre-wedding or prenuptial

photo shoot. This is due to the fact that pictures and videos are some of the best ways to preserve

intangible moments and events. So, if you and your partner are looking for a fun and hilarious

way to capture the moment’s right before the formal wedding, well, a pre-wedding photo shoot

can save you.


Here are the five reasons why you should have a pre-wedding photo shoot. Plus, you will

also know why many couples are choosing Focus Production to work for their pre-wedding


1. You and your partner can be creative in choosing the theme and motif for the pre-

wedding photo shoot.

Pre-wedding photo shoots are becoming more popular nowadays. No wonder because the

pre-wedding photo shoots can serve as a great way to be creative and artistic in choosing a theme

or motif that matches the wedding. The pre-wedding photo shoot is pretty much similar to the

wedding photo shoot. As a couple, you and your partner have to choose the specific theme that

you would want. It can match the theme and motif for the wedding or it can be the total opposite.

When it comes to the theme or motif for the pre-wedding photo shoot, the choices are endless.

Some of the most popular pre-wedding themes and motifs are the following:


 movie-inspired themes like The Notebook, Star Wars, Titanic, Indiana Jones, Superman,

Harry Potter, James Bond, Mr. and Mrs. Smith which are considered as some of the most

sought after,

 an offbeat pre-wedding theme such as Zombie Invasion or the Apocalypse, American

Gothic, Social Media Inspired, Super Mario Bros. and more,

 Valentine’s day motif matched with hearts and other red-colored objects,

 Sport-related (running, swimming, basketball, triathlon, hockey, baseball, rock climbing,

volleyball, snowboarding, skeet shooting, etc.) pre-wedding theme,

 adventurous pre-wedding photos,

 nostalgic themed photos,

 and patriotic pre-wedding themed photos.


2. A pre-wedding photo shoot can serve as an exciting date for you and your partner.

Aside from the wide variety of themes and motifs that are available, pre-wedding photos

can serve as a “day off” of the couple from the stressful and overwhelming process of planning a

wedding. The pre-wedding photo shoot is a fun and exciting way to revive the sweetness and

bond of the couple.


As the wedding day comes, it will be easier for you and your partner to be eaten and

beaten up by the stress that you have to face. So, having a day off from all the stress and pressure

of planning for a wedding is vital. And of course, a pre-wedding photo shoot can help a lot.


3. Having a pre-wedding photo shoot will help the couple to be more comfortable to

pose in front of the camera.

Most of us love to take photos of ourselves (aka #selfies). However, posing in front of

other people who will take the photos is a little bit different and awkward in some ways. With

the help of a pre-wedding photo shoot, the couple will have the chance to mingle with their

photographers and videographers. The pre-wedding photo shoot is the best way for the couple to

be more comfortable in front of the camera and the members of the photography and

videography team as well.


4. You and your partner can visit various destinations to find the perfect place to

conduct a pre-wedding photo shoot.

One of the main advantages of having a pre-wedding photo shoot is that you and your

partner can visit different destinations based on the theme and motif that you prefer. In other

words, the pre-wedding photo shoot can work as an adventure on its own.

In one of the pre-wedding photo shoots handled by Focus Production, the couple chose to

have the shoot conducted in Casa Loma and the Halton County Radial Railway Museum. Having

various locations for the pre-wedding photo shoot is somewhat difficult. But, because of the

skills, expertise, and professionalism of the members of Focus Production, each and every photo

taken from the pre-wedding photo shoot turned into a magical, delightful and awe-striking photo.

Aside from that, the members of the Focus Production made the best thing of

incorporating a classical theme with a modern approach to making each and every photo pop.


5. A pre-wedding photo shoot allows you to know which poses looks well and which

are not.

If you and your partner are not fond of posing in front of the camera, then, the pre-

wedding photo shoot can save you from the rut. During the pre-wedding photo shoot, you can try

out different poses (wacky and formal) and determine which of the poses can make you look

even better in front of the camera. You can also ask the photographer and videographer for pose

recommendations so that you and your partner can feel more comfortable.

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