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 Terrea Bleu Lavender Farm Engagement Photography

Asking the hand of your love is a nerve-wracking experience, enjoy this beautiful  Terrea Bleu Lavender Farm Engagement Photography

First, you must by the ring the you think is perfect for her, a ring that will not only symbolize your love for her but is the first ring that you will put in her finger. Second, planning for the perfect time is not easy. Timing is important and a touch of surprise can make her say “yes” immediately, asking her for marriage is like riding a roller coaster as you cannot anticipate the turn of events. Third, finally getting the courage to get on your knee and ask her the five magic words that will seal your future right there and then. It is important that you will not only go to your knees but will pour out your heart to her. And finally, her answer can make or break your world, which is why her saying yes to your proposal is like an angel just came down from heaven and start singing a lovely song. That my friend is what happiness is all about.

For Thomas asking Carroll of her hand for marriage does not end with her saying YES, having their elegant engagement photography in Terre Bleu is his way to show the world that finally his love at last says yes and he can finally call her his. As photographs capture every moment, it also captures the delight and excitement of Carroll and Thomas as they pose and shows in their every engagement photo the love and contentment they have for each other. Photos serves as the window of yesterday, it captures an event or emotions of that day and serves as the memory of the past. With the gorgeous photos taken, reminiscing the time of when she first said yes feels like yesterday.

The romance in the air is captured perfectly as Thomas and Carroll walk at the beautiful lavender farm, the glow of happiness in their eyes is an indication that they are enjoying their shoot in this place. Terre Blue is known for its beautiful scenery that takes the breath of everyone who sees it. as the lavender blooms is a sight to behold, this family owned farm allows loving couple’s like Thomas and Carroll to take their awesome engagement photo here. And a fantastic sight it is, as Thomas holds Carroll as they walk, it is a picture of a happy couple that shows the world that just a little more time and she will finally be his for a lifetime.

Looking in the eyes of your love in the middle of a beautiful farm is a time when you felt like you own the world that the time has stopped and nothing matters but you and her only. That finally sinks in your soul that this woman will be the mother of your child and the woman you will spend the rest of your life with. Just sitting there and looking at her is like a baseball bat that hits your gut, thinking that this woman I am holding right now is worth the time of waiting and the woman that he will never let go for the rest of his life.
As the sun shines so bright for Thomas and Carroll, they take it as a blessing from heaven that their life together will be full of love and happy memories. Starting their life together can be expected to be blissful if the love in their eyes and the happiness they are feeling is the indication that their love for each other is a strong foundation for the life that they are going to build together.

Happiness can never be faked especially in a photo shoot; photography captures the happiness that radiated to a person. For Thomas and Carroll just to be near each other is enough to produce an aura that is full of joy and glee, a picture of contentment in their eyes and a smile that is so genuine that taking their every pose is not a waste. Looking at each other’s eyes shows their love will last forever. In the true meaning of love, just to be with the woman that have taken your heart is enough to complete your world and deciding to be with her for the rest of her life is the final step and the ultimate decision that you make. For Thomas and Carroll, this is just a start of the new beginning that they will share forever.

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