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Cancun Destination Wedding Videography


When a couple decides to get married they are fully aware that marriage is not just a legal

contract. It is a lifetime commitment they need to treasure, protect and respect. But before they could

be together forever, first thing is first, they have to go through a wedding ceremony. Even though a

wedding is only a usual ceremony “ceremony” for some people, couples have to go through the

planning of this special event just like Carly and Oliver did to achieve the wedding of their dreams.

Carly and Oliver are one of the couples who prefer a destination wedding over a church

wedding. Well, there is nothing wrong if they want a different ambiance; the wedding only happens

once in every person’s life so why go and spoil it, especially if the place is as beautiful as Cancun.

Cancun is a Mexican city located at the Yucatan peninsula that boards the Caribbean Sea. The

place is known for its breathtaking beaches, numerous resorts, and its energetic nightlife. The city itself

is made of two districts, the traditional downtown area of El Centro and Zona Hotelera which is a long

beachfront where people can find high rise hotels, night clubs, shops and different restaurants. Because

of its citizens energetic nightlife it has been a famed destination for college students during their spring

Although, Cancun has earned its reputation for being a party hotspot, it has more to it than

meets the eye. The seas of Cancun have different stories to tell; it is a home to a number of cenotes or

commonly known as underwater caves, which makes the place more unforgettable and romantic for

weddings. Aside from that, couples getting married in Cancun have the opportunity to explore different

Mayan monuments and ruins. While their guests can shop in the luxury boutiques in line with the hotel

district, after a tiring day of exploring, everyone can enjoy the sunset while sitting on the beach’s white

sand as the perfect scenario to end a day in paradise.

Maybe, that is what Carly and Oliver planned when they chose Cancun for their destination

wedding; this is a very genius decision because their wedding video looks really beautiful with Cancun’s

white sand and calm sea as the breathtaking background of their wedding footage.

Going back to Carly and Oliver’s wedding, hearing their speech and vows, many would agree if

we say that Oliver’s first words such as “Today there are three words stronger than I love you, today I

stand before you to say I choose you” in his vows are really heartwarming. As a woman, it is a great

honor to be chosen by the man we truly love. Carly is very lucky when Oliver chose her to share his

happiness with and to grow old with forever, for there are some who already lost their hopes of having a

happily ever after.

Vice versa, Carly’s speech has truly struck Oliver’s heart. Because the truth is, girls really rely on

a man as their source of power especially when they’re feeling down with the thinking that they are not

good enough. When Carly said, “You are the only one who can calm me down and cheer me up”, it only

implies that their relationship has a strong foundation of friendship and trust. As they rely on each

other’s ups and downs, they also ensure to build happy memories with each other.

As for the wedding ceremony, the venue of the wedding is really fantastic. Doing the wedding

on the beach side is really ingenious. They did not only showcase the beauty of the place, but they also

highlighted the nirvana in the faces of the guests. In addition to this, the ambiance boosted the

exquisiteness of the bride during her walk with her dad along the aisle and when the couple exchanged

vows with each other.

Oliver and Carly also made the right decision with regards to their wedding reception. There

throwback pictures placed on every table is just perfect for such a memorable occasion. As they go on to

the new chapter of their lives, their friends and family can have a short moment remembering the days

when they are young and together. It has given the reception a more personalized touch and it also

provided the guests with a brief background on how happy their relationship truly is just by looking at

the pictures. Aside from their throwback photos, it is really admirable when they included the written

lyrics of their favorite song as part of their table arrangement; the same song was also used for their

wedding video song.
Because the wedding took place at dusk, the people invited to their wedding surely enjoyed the

view of the sunset. Who would not? Sunset might be a sign that dark is about to take over the place but

for them, the sunset is the conclusion of a very hectic day or a sign of another day to create an

unforgettable moment to look forward to.

As the reception takes place in the same venue, the guests were very relaxed as they do not

need to travel to a different location. The resort they have chosen designed the whole place perfectly as

they fill the place with white and sky blue as the couple’s color motif. The place of the reception looked

very elegant at night. With the cold breeze coming from the sea and the way the ocean sparkled under

the moon totally gave Carly and Oliver’s wedding reception a romantic and passionate ambiance. With

the couple entertaining their guests and with Carly playing the organ, there are no doubts that they

treated each other as friends long before they came to the decision to wed.

Well, even though their guests know that they have a strong foundation as friends, the couple

could not hide their sweetness as they kiss most of the time on their video and the way they looked at

each other. Their eyes are both sparkling and smiling which is a sign of a blissful life together. Aside from

that, the speeches they both wrote have come from deep within their hearts due to the fact that they

are both emotional while they delivered it.

Over all, Carly and Oliver’s wedding is a very inspirational one as was clearly depicted all

throughout the wedding video. It makes the audience want to fall in love all over again. With Carly and

Oliver’s amazing wedding video, it should be a lesson to all the couples planning their wedding to hire an

experienced professional wedding videographer who could deliver the same output as theirs. Because

the wedding video itself has shown the viewers how Carly and Oliver cherish each other; and everything

about it is outstanding and worth treasuring for the rest of their lives.

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