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They say for a relationship to be successful, you have to fall in love many times. But always with the same person. And we here at Focus, Best Toronto Wedding hotography and cinematography registry of the world’s quality weddings, believe and have witnessed that couples who have continued to find reasons to fall in love with each other has continued on to have a strong and happy relationship. Such was the case for the newlyweds, Aileen and Marlon. Our lovely couple here approached us to capture the start of their new lives together. And for these young lovebirds, with love and passion overflowing from them, we couldn’t say no.


In this highlight reel and the wedding photos, we took a different step than the usual. We experimented with different styles and techniques with shooting and editing, which in return, turned out to be really nice and unique. And also, a little more interesting than just montages of newlyweds and the surroundings.


We ventured on and went with Marlon, the then husband-to-be, to have his wedding prep early on in the day. And similarly, our videographers and photographers went with Charisse, as she prepares for her big day. We took engaging shots, separately of the two lovebirds. You can see the emotions as they prepare excitedly for their big day.


The wedding was held at the magnificent The Manor by Kettleby, a premier space for events, weddings, caterers and hospitality. This choice of venue seemingly fit as Aileen and Marlon made a history, as well, as the start of their lives together – finally, as man and wife. And truly, to be able to capture most probably the biggest day of their lives, was so dear to us here at Focus Productions. Not only because we have witnessed a love that rings true and loud, but also because to have given the opportunity to witness and be part of the celebration for the two, young hearts, is special for us here. With this, we wish the couple a long and joyous marriage. And for all the years to come, may they continue to find the love in each other and keep on falling in love, each and every day.

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