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 Old Mill Inn Wedding Photography

There is a sense of intrigue and wonder in a smile shared only by those who experience love. Colours seem more vivid, and suddenly everything is awash with brightness. Their affection does not just become a source of strength and courage, but also a guiding light. When it came to capturing Ada and Steve on camera, our Toronto wedding photographer focused on the radiance of their mutual love for one another.

Ada shines forth as a vision of ethereal resplendence in a simple white wedding dress, showing the world a scintillating smile. It is no small wonder that Steve has such happiness etched all over his features whenever our Toronto wedding photographer captures him gazing at Ada.


For the shoot, the couple has selected the Old Mill Inn. A tribute to the simple elegance of historical British architecture, the vintage look that this marvelous venue provides goes hand in hand with the theme of light associated with this shoot. Whether it is a gleam off a window pane looking over the sprawling patio or a brightly lit dining room showcasing the full sophistication of the services that the Old Mill Inn has to offer, this venue does not fail to impress.

Ada and Steve make a remarkable couple, and it is only fitting that for their bright future together, they would choose such a venerable and well-regarded venue to mark the beginning of their journey.

Venue : Old Mill Inn

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