Websters Falls Photos | Denise & Ryan

Denise and Ryan had a fall photoshoot in a rustic forest setting. We had a wonderful time getting to know them and documenting their sweet love story. 

Denise and Ryan arrived at the photoshoot dressed perfectly for the slightly chilly weather. It was jeans and a cozy jersey for Ryan and a black dress with boots and a scarf for Denise. They came to the photoshoot with a lot of excitement and energy and we took photos on a bridge, in a green field and a wooded area. 

We loved taking the creative ring shots with the couple holding an orange leaf. And the ones throwing the autumn leaves all around in the air. It was a relaxed and casual photo session and we captured a great collection of images from romantic and intimate to playful and loving. 

Denise brought some props for the photoshoot by the water falls, including wooden signage and a warm rug that they laid down on and used to wrap themselves up in to be nice and close. It was perfect for the autumn-themed photos. This is a great season to have your engagement photography taken because the colors are so vibrant and beautiful. 

Venue: Websters Falls 

Address: Hamilton, ON L9H 4W2, Canada

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