Venetian Banquet Hall | Denise & Ryan

Love will always make a way for two people that are meant to be together. This is what we, here at Focus Photography, Toronto’s top photography and cinematography registry of the world’s quality weddings, believe and uphold.

On their wedding day, our videographers and photographers alike, were very proud to play a part in witnessing and capturing two beautiful and loving individuals, Denise and Ryan’s very special day. In a glorious and romantic ceremony set in the urban oasis of Venetian Banquet Hall, Denise and Ryan were wed in front of the Father, their family and friends. It is truly a testament that love does conquer all.

“Denise, you put your heart into everything that you do, no matter how big or small. You’re the best thing that has happened to me, and I can’t wait to send the rest of my life as your husband,’’ Ryan said to his now-wife Denise. The beautiful bride, among her bridesmaids and guests, laughed and were deeply touched by Ryan’s words. All these were captured beautifully by our cinematographers and photographers. A sight not to miss.

On the other hand, the chosen photo shoot location was the McMichael Art Gallery, an exquisite and stand alone public fine art gallery that hosts the nation’s art and the indigenous art of the country, both historical and contemporary. Certainly so, for a special event like this the location is a prime. Saint McMichael Art Gallery boasts of its luxurious and beautiful spaces that holds art. And for Denise and Ryan’s wedding, the photos turned out more magnificent than what we here at Focus Productions expected. No location was more fitting than of this art gallery.

The reception for the evening was modest yet exquisite, certainly not exaggerated, and perfectly suited for the couples’ chosen theme for the wedding. As the newlyweds enter the hall, greeted by the band and their guests with warm, loving smiles, it was truly a magnificent sight to have captured on film. Everyone around, young and old, would dance along and joining in the couple’s fun and love throughout the duration of the festivity. The excitement of the crowd would soon elevate further as the couple exchanged messages for each other, their hearts warmed and touched.

The vibrant energy of the banquet hall would serve as the highlight of the day, as everyone around shared in the happiness of the couples’ wedding day celebration. In the end, the newlywed’s guests, family and friends, old and young, joined in the dance floor and danced the night away, with smiles and laughter. To cap it all up, we here at Focus Production, Toronto’s top photography and cinematography registry of the world’s quality weddings, are grateful to have captured this glorious moment of Denise and Ryan’s new life together. We hope that their love continues to grown throughout all the years and we wish them nothing but happiness and love.

Venue: Venetian Banquet Hall

Address: 219 Romina Dr., Concord, ON L4K 4V3, Canada

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