University Of Toronto Engagement Photos | Joanne & Jason

When Joanne & Jason came to us it did not take long before we figured out that the University of Toronto Engagement session will be ideal for them. These two are the most charming and cutest couples ever. The smiles, cuddling, and kindness they show all make them the dream the ideal couple for any photographer to work with.

Joanne & Jason wanted to take an engagement shoot at a location that has lots of history and has a remarkable repute. Jason told me they would like somewhere that has historic buildings and beautiful architecture. At his description, I knew instantly the University of Toronto was the place. They thought exposure to light and nature with a greenery scenery will add a lot of effect to the photos.

They both made my work easier. They know how to have fun and express their love and intimacy naturally. One can easily see what love is all about the way they communicate as if they are a match made in heaven.

At the onset, we were all a bit timid but as the photo sessions wore on we all got to rapport and the joke and fun started flying around. It got to a point that my cheeks and lungs started losing the enthusiasm to carry on.

While we snapped away, we got around the University and got to discover historical and notable sites within the institution. At first, the couples were a bit shy about posing for the camera but with a subtle and romantic goading from each other, they became relaxed and snapped away as if they were born for it. While the natural and historical ambiance of the U of T sparkled in the background, it gave us just the right condition to make the pictures immersive and realistic.

While Joanne & Jason did their thing at the University of Toronto, they gave us, at Focus Production the opportunity to snap gorgeous, high quality and romantic pictures. We wish them a happy journey to finding long-lasting peace, harmony, and joy in their love life.

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