The Manor Wedding | Isabel & Raguraj

Every wedding is unique. Some weddings become memorable because of the theme, some for the couple and some for the traditions. Asian weddings are usually marked by vibrant colors, traditional decoration and rich culture and heritage. The wedding of Isabel and Raguraj became special due to the amalgamation of western and eastern cultures.

 They are characterized by vibrant colors, loud music, strong emotions and meaningful rites and rituals. The wedding of Isabel and Raguraj were no exception. Isabel’s home was so tastefully decorated that we could not help but use these shots in the beginning of their wedding album. The orange and white balloons made the shot so cheerful.

The presence of the banana tree at the door was a sign of auspiciousness. Buttons, flowers, leaves and paper balls were used to decorate the house. Turmeric, traditional Indian lamps, and coconuts were there too. Isabel looked so happy. She chose a western wedding gown for her wedding while her mother was in Indian attire.

The little girls with floral headbands looked so cute. As wedding photographers in Toronto, we wanted to do a little experiment and took a shot of Isabel in the car with the balloons reflecting on the glass. Her wedding bouquet deserves special mention.

Raguraj arrived at the Manor flanked by his parents. The Indian rituals of gifting the bride with attire and jewelry were performed. We loved to capture small moments from the wedding like Isabel’s father greeting the groom and her mother blessing her.

After the wedding, we headed for the outdoors. The green meadows gave us a verdant background to capture a few private moments shared between the newlyweds.

They walked on the railway track, kissed and posed before the camera, as the bridesmaids and groomsmen looked on. I particularly loved a shot of them sitting on a rock beside the river. It is so romantic, so serene.

The reception had a floral theme. Tall vases with flowers and leaves adorned the tables. The guests were treated to a sumptuous dinner. Love was spelled in big letters in front of the table specially designed for the couple. It became the focal point of the decoration. Wedding speeches were given by the parents which made even Raguraj cry. The night witnessed an Indian style wedding with Isabel wearing a heavily embellished red saree. We were happy to see her in this avatar and went click-happy with our cameras.

Like the love written in bold at the reception, we hope it plays a crucial role in their lives and keeps them united forever.

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