Jess & Adam | Spadina Museum Wedding Photography

Jess and Adam’s wedding is a true testament to love and simplicity. With only immediate family in attendance, they planned a surprise wedding for everyone under the guise of a simple dinner party at their new home.

The evening began with cocktails and snacks at their house before everyone made their way to Spadina House Museum, where they were actually going to witness Jess and Adam’s wedding ceremony. The couple chose this location for its stunning gardens and orchard, which made for the perfect backdrop for their intimate nuptials.

There was no specific theme or religious/cultural traditions, just pure love and commitment between the couple. Jess walked down the aisle with her parents to meet Adam and the officiant, Robin, and they exchanged short vows and rings. The couple’s siblings acted as their witnesses and signed the documents. After the ceremony, the newlyweds roamed around the museum’s beautiful gardens, taking photos and enjoying each other’s company.

Once they were done at the museum, they returned to their home to share a champagne toast with their family. It was a minimalist celebration, with just one decorative cloth strung over a tree branch as the backdrop. The florals were white and blue, with Jess removing the boutonniere from her bouquet to give to Adam at the end of the aisle.

Jess wore a stunning “vintage look” lace dress while Adam donned a navy blue blazer and bowtie paired with khaki pants. The couple first met at a motown dancing night at Clinton’s pub back in 2015, and their journey to marriage was a decision they came to together.

The wedding was a beautiful and intimate celebration of love that focused solely on the couple and their commitment to each other. We wish Jess and Adam a lifetime of happiness and love!

Venue: Spadina House Museum

Address: 285 Spadina Rd, Toronto, ON M5R 2V5, Canada

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