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Jasmeet & Deep | Sikh & Hindu Wedding Toronto

Jasmeet and Deep share a love of life that shines brightly when you see them together. They enjoy being with their friends and family, delight in entertaining and adore each other. This kind of love is so beautiful to document. We were so honored to be the team chosen to photograph and video their wedding.

With the help of some family members, Deep got ready for the ceremony. He looked very handsome and regal in a gold and Burgundy traditional Indian wedding outfit. Meanwhile, Jasmeet had spent many hours preparing with her family. The jewelry alone takes a long time to put on, so the hair and makeup always start very early before we even arrive. Every Sikh wedding photographer loves that moment the bride is ready and we can take the bridal portraits.

The beautiful Jasmeet wore a rich and gold lehenga with matching bridal accessories. Her henna design was exquisitely applied and what an absolutely gorgeous bride Jasmeet was. Traditionally, the groom’s name or initials are hidden within the henna design. Can you spot Deep’s name on Jasmeet’s hand?

The bride’s mother wore a lovely purple sari that contrasted with the bride’s in the most eye-catching way. Every wedding guest was actually dressed beautifully with colorful Indian outfits and beautiful jewelry. There was spontaneous dancing, lots of laughter and talking and singing as family members rejoiced in being together for the important family occasion of Jasmeet and Deep’s wedding.

The couple joined together at the Sikh temple and were married following Sikh traditions in a joyous and symbolic religious ceremony in front of their friends and family.

We took the couple for a photoshoot outdoors in a lovely park area overlooking the water after the ceremony. In beautiful light, we captured them in their wedding attire as newlyweds. They are such a positive and happy couple and of course, today they were overjoyed more than ever.

The Hindu ceremony at Chandni Gateway Hall started with Deep riding a decorated horse as everyone gathered around him to celebrate. What a grand entrance he made. After passing the traditional barriers, he was once again greeted by his bride. Her bouquet was a work of art, with every single red rose having a diamond center.

The Hindu ceremony was under a grand mandap with gold pillars. The red and gold fabric was expertly draped, giving an opulent atmosphere that Indian weddings are so well-known for. It was a moving and emotional ceremony and once again, the couple was joined officially in marriage with the blessings of all their friends and family.

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